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(A Tokyo Ghoul Fanfiction by Lady Storykeeper)




October 10, 2014

Today is my last night here in the hospital.

It has been a couple of weeks since that incident… but how strange it felt… it almost seems like the events of that whole day with Mr. Riku were something that never really happened.

I am happy to finally go home… but, I still feel that there is something really wrong with me.

My dinner looked really good, but the moment I took a small bite it tasted horrible… even the pudding tasted like glue. Doctor Kanou assured me that it was the side effect of the medications that I have been taking.

But still….I’m so hungry!


October 12, 2014

I’m finally home...

But… I feel so drained… when I got home Hi-chan left me a note and a bag of things I would love to eat including my favorite, Hamburgers.

Hi-chan… you always have been there for me… thank you so much… but…I’m sorry….

I’m just hungry… so very hungry….


October 14, 2014

Hi-chan called me again today, but I didn’t answer. It’s strange… I can write down all of my pains here in this journal but I can’t tell it to my best friend…. It hurts so much… I wish I could go to him right now… I miss him so much…


October 15, 2014



October 18, 2014

I almost killed him…

I almost killed Hi-chan… the only person who has been by my side for a long time… my best friend.

The past few days has been so messed up… Riku’s organs were implanted into me… my body is slowly becoming like a ghoul, the evidence was on my left eye which changes into a like that of a Ghoul, I had to wear an eye patch just to cover it.

Ms. Kirishima…. And the people working in Anteiku… they’re all ghouls.

And this morning this crazy ghoul named Nishio Nishiki, who was a 2nd year in our school, attacked both me and Hi-chan. He wanted to get back at me for invading his territory… He was really strong, I was no match for him. But then… he was going to kill Hi-chan… I couldn’t let him kill Hi-chan… I won’t let him… then everything went red… it felt strange but I swear I could hear Riku talking to me, egging me on to eat… my hunger was getting the best of me… and if Touka chan hadn’t come at that moment… I would have…

What am I now? I’m no longer human… nor do I wish to be a Ghoul…. I’m alone.

The manager… he asked me to come and work for them at Anteiku… if I do… then perhaps I will find out where I truly belong.


October 20, 2014

What a day I had. I have started working part-time in Anteiku… it was hard at first… mostly I need to make sure I did the coffee right. Hi-chan is doing fine… he doesn’t really know what happened to us in the alley, he just assumed that we all got into an accident. It’s better this way. The less Hi-chan knows the better.

The Manager has been so kind and patient… not only has he taught me about how to be a good barista/waitress… he has also been teaching me on how to mingle properly with humans. Touka chan is tough and a bit scary, but she really looks out for me and makes sure I do things right. I also got to meet Mr. Yomo, the one who supplies their food. The food they get are from suicide victims. Even though it’s still hard to swallow…. I am slowly learning to accept my new situation.

In a way it also gave me a new perspective about Ghouls. I felt ashamed… because before I have always thought of them as nothing more than monsters… but if you look more closely… they are just like humans. Maybe it’s because of after meeting Mrs. Reiko Fueguchi and her daughter Hinami it got me to thinking about this.

I wonder… if the manager is right… will I have a place in both this two worlds?

I hope so…. I really hope so.



Kaoru placed her pen and journal down on top of her small table. She walked straight to her room and collapsed on her bed. Tomorrow she and Touka are meeting at the station to head towards the 4th ward, for Kaoru to have a mask made for her. She wondered though why did she need one, and what were they talking about ‘Doves’?

She buried her face in her pillow and slowly drifted off to sleep. The last thing on her mind was that she better not be late or else Touka would kill her.


Looking at her watch, Kaoru let out a sigh of relief as she saw she arrived just in time. Suddenly she was kicked from behind… stumbling at first she then turned around and saw that the perpetrator was none other than Touka.

“W-what was that for?” Kaoru asked.

Touka didn’t say anything… instead started to walk away. Kaoru sighed before following her. They walked in silence, Kaoru looking around and observing the unfamiliar streets and old vandalized buildings they were passing by. Soon they entered an old building, the two girls walked down the stairs towards a well-furnished door . Kaoru noticed a signboard next to the door that read ‘Hy Sy Artmask Studio’.

“I wonder what we’re going to do here?” pondered Kaoru. Touka opened the door and walked in as she called out, “Uta!” As Kaoru entered the room, her eyes widened at what she saw, inside the room were several mannequins all wearing different types of masks… there were glass displays showing other types of masks, even the walls were adorned with masks. “Wow!” whispered Kaoru as she looked around the room in great awe. Touka was still looking around the place and calling out, “Are you here?” She sighed and mumbled, “Geez, don’t tell me he’s asleep?”

Kaoru continued to look around and she stopped in front of a cloth covered mannequin. Curiosity getting the best of her, she slowly lifted up the covers only instead of a plastic statue; a young man’s face was looking straight at her and calmly says, “BOO!”

Touka quickly turned around at the sound of Kaoru’s scream. Seeing who it was that surprised the eye-patched teen, she smiled and asked, “What are you doing, Uta?”

Kaoru, who fell on the floor, looked up at Touka in surprise before quickly looking back at the young man who was sitting on top of the display table.

Uta looked at Touka calmly saying, “I thought I would surprise you.” He got off the table he was sitting on and walked towards his desk. He calmly sat again on a chair and watched silently as Kaoru stood up.

Touka took off her jacket and introduced the young man to Kaoru, “This here is Uta. He will be the one to make your mask.”

“I’m Uta.” He said giving a curt not to Kaoru.

Kaoru couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous around the man…He has tattoos all over his body and and he had piercings on his face, looking at his eyes you already know he is a ghoul as the pupils are red and the sclera are black. Realizing she has been staring too long she blushed and gave a full bow as she blurted out, “I-I’m Kaoru Kaneki! Nice to-“

She stopped her sentence and panicked as Uta moved closer and started sniffing around her neck.

“You smell quite unusual.” Said Uta, he looked at Touka and continued, “Touka, to my understanding the doves are on the prowl, right?”

“Yes.” Answered Touka.

“The 20th ward is nice and quiet, and they used to leave us alone here.” He remarked while grabbing Kaoru, who was slowly backing away from him, by her collar and bringing her closer to him as he continued to smell her. “I’m guessing this has to be because of Riku.”

“Tsukiyama seems to be pressing his luck lately, too.” Touka added crossing her arms and looking serious.

“Ah, yes, him.” Uta said as he took a hold of one of Kaoru’s pigtails and played with it a bit.

“Um…” Kaoru slowly asked, “Is the 20th ward considered more peaceful than the rest? I wouldn’t know.” She fidgeted a bit and looked away to avoid the man’s silent stare.

“You’ll understand once you try living somewhere for a bit.” Uta said, he leaned closer to her, his eyes widened he continued, “If you like, you can stay here for the night. And if you’re lucky, you may see some cannibalism, and that’s always fun.”

“N-No… I think I’ll pass. “Kaoru stuttered nervously as she tried to pull away, but Uta has a strong grip on her dress. He eventually let go and stood up saying, “Must be great for you that there’s a place like Anteiku.”

Uta then pointed at a small cart and chair as he said, “Sit over there. I’ll take your measurements.” Kaoru nodded and walked over to the cart, she sat down as Uta came behind her carrying a sketchbook. He started sketching. “Do you have any allergies?” he asked. “No, Sir.” Kaoru replied.

“What about Rubber or metals?”

“They’re fine.”

“Do you want a full face mask?”

“Um… well” Kaoru began but was quickly interrupted by Uta as he walked around to face her. He crouched down while looking at her face as he said, “It’s your first one, so maybe a half mask will do instead.” He went back to drawing some sketches. “O-Oh sure…”said Kaoru nervously, even though Uta’s voice sounds friendly she still felt uneasy being near him.

Uta looked at Kaoru and remarked, “The eye patch is cute. Do you like them?”

“Oh, um…” she took off her eye patch as she said, “Whenever I get hungry, my eye turns red, regardless of whether or not I want it to.” “So it’s fine whenever you’re full then, right?” Uta said. He pulled out from his pants pocket an eyeball and offering it to the young girl asking “would you care for a snack?”

Kaoru flinched a bit as she said, “I-I’m fine, thank you.”

Uta then stood up and was looking at his sketch when he asked, “Kaoru, do you have a boyfriend?”

“Huh?!? N-no I don’t” Kaoru blurted out, her cheek suddenly blushing.

Still not looking at her, Uta remarked, “You’re one of those, you know…. The type of girl who gets easily bullied and the one that older men would love to get their hands upon and do all sort of things with.” Kaoru gulped nervously at what Uta said and seeing the man lick the eyeball like it was a piece of candy.

“U-um…” Kaoru asked, “do these questions have anything to do with this?”

“They do.” Replied Uta, while getting a measuring tape from the drawer. “I feel more motivated once I get to know the person better.” He then went to grab another small chair as he sat behind Kaoru. “What do you think of Touka?” He asked calmly. Kaoru looked at him in surprise and replied, “Um… well… she’s ok… but she is kinda scary.”

“Scary? You really think so?” asked Uta as he started to measure Kaoru’s head. “I find her to be a hard worker.”

“A hard worker?” Asked Kaoru.

“For us to blend into human society, we need to have a mask that we never take off.” Uta said, “The more we get involved, the more seamlessly we have to blend in. If we’re suspected for even a moment, we’re done for. She lives her life fully aware of that risk. Not only with her job at Anteiku, but even going to school as well.”

“What reason could she have for being so involved with Humans?” Kaouru wondered.

“That’s a good question.” Remarked Uta. “But whenever a human customer comes into my shop, my pulse races faster than usual.” He said placing a hand around the tattoos engraved on his neck. “It’s hard to explain… but it’s enjoyable.” He whispered the last part near Kaoru’s ear.



Touka-chan and I returned to Anteiku to start our shift. While I was dressing up, I kept thinking about the things Uta said. I never knew how hard it must be for Ghouls… to try to mingle with Humans… but at the same time trying their best to conceal themselves.  Touka-chan explained to me the importance of masks for Ghouls and also about the Doves they were talking about. The Doves were actually the CCG or The Commission of Counter Ghoul… they were the special force that investigate and exterminate ghouls. I’ve heard about them a couple of times on the news. They may be considered as protectors for Humanity… but for Ghouls they’re dangerous. Touka-chan seems to really hate them. Another thing that was on my mind is how hard the people at Anteiku all work just to survive… as for me… I have done absolutely nothing… I feel so useless.

I looked at the door of the room where Hinami-chan is right now. She was another thing that I was troubled over. When she and her mother arrived at Anteiku a couple of days ago, I saw how sad she looked. Touka-chan told me that she had to be far away from her dad for a while. I felt empathy for her… I know what it was like not living with your father. She must really miss him… I may not do much but I should try and cheer her up.

I took a deep breath and told myself that I can do it… I put on my biggest smile as I entered the room.

Maybe I should have knocked first…



Kaoru’s face has changed to pure horror at what she sees before her. Sitting on the couch, Hinami was eating a piece of bloody flesh, her eyes changed and her mouth smears of blood were visible. Hinami herself was shocked to see the eye-patched teen.

Kaoru screamed as she fell back on the floor, she quickly stood up and with a quick bow ran out the room screaming, “UM… I…. PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME!”

“So you saw her eating did you?” asked Enji Koma, another waiter at Anteiku.  “That’s not good, Kaoru-chan… after all being a girl yourself, you should know how embarrassing it feels if someone watches you eat.”

Kaoru looked down on the floor looking more ashamed, “Yeah… you’re right.”

“Here!” Kaoru looked up and saw that Koma was holding a cup of hot coffee, the man gives a friendly smile and wink as he said, “Take this to her and apologize.”

“Ok… thank you.” Kaoru said giving a small smile and gently taking the cup upstairs.

“Hinami-chan, may I come in?” Kaoru asked after knocking on the door. “Yes.” Said Hinami softly.

Kaoru entered the room and saw that Hinami is now reading a book, her eyes returning to normal. Kaoru gave a sheepish smile as she said, “Sorry about earlier…” She then approached Hinami and set down the cup of coffee as she continued, “um… here is a token of my apology. Well then… please take your time.” She bowed before heading towards the door.

“U-Um….” Hinami-chan whispered.

Kaoru turned to look at the little girl, “Yes, what is it?”

“Um… well… Oneechan…” Hinami looked down on her lap as if struggling on whether or not to ask, “which are you?”

“Huh?” Kaoru said, she then realized the meaning of Hinami’s question and looked away trying to find the right words to say to the child. “Um… well I…”

“Oh, I’m sorry!” cried Hinami, “Your smell is just different from the others. If you were like us, I’d be able to tell, even from far away.”

Kaoru gave a gentle sad smile to Hinami as she said, “A lot of things has happened to me, you see. I’ve partially got a ghoul’s body. So if I had to say now, I think I’m closer to what you are, Hinami-chan.”

Kaoru was now scratching her cheeks looking a bit embarrassed as she continued, “You could say that my mind is Human but my body is that of a Ghoul.”

“I’m sorry.” Hinami said looking down at her laps again, “I shouldn’t have asked.”

Kaoru smiled and shook her head, “It’s all right… don’t worry about it.” Kaoru then noticed the notebook on the table and saw an adorable drawing of a bear with a scarf. “Oh what a cute drawing you made. What kind of animal is that?”

“Huh? Um, it’s my father.” Hinami replied looking away smiling.

“Oh I see….” Kaoru exclaimed, “it’s really good.” Hinami’s smile widened at her praise. Kaoru then thought of her own father as she whispered, “Your father, huh?” Hinami looked at her confused at what she said before Kaoru again shook her head and smiled. “Oh… it’s nothing. I hope that you can live with him again soon.”

“Yeah…” said Hinami.

“Oh… That’s ‘MONOCHROME OF RAINBOWS’ isn’t it?” Kaoru said noticing the book that Hinami was holding.

“Huh… oh yeah.” Hinami replied.

“Hinami-chan, you read Takatsuki’s books?” Kaoru asked excitedly. “That’s really incredible, considering how difficult they are. Oh, but those are short stories so they’re relatively easy.” She said before smiling down at the girl and asked, “Hinami-chan, which is your favorite story?”

“Um… ‘Little Night… Raintime’…” Hinami said.

“‘Little Night Raintime’? Oh you mean ‘Showers at Sunset’. It served as the prototype for ‘EGG OF THE BLACK SHEEP’. “ Kaoru said.

“Pro-type? ‘Showers at Sunset’?” Hinami said slowly she then opened her book and pointed to a word on the page, “Um… how do you read this?” She asked.

Kaoru looked at the page and said, “That’s read as ‘Hydrangea’.”

“Hydrangea? As in the flower?” Hinami asked. “That’s right.” Answered Kaoru.

“Th-Then what about this one?” Hinami again asked pointing to another word. “That is written like ‘Thin Ice’ but pronounce ‘Verglas’.”

“Verglas…” Hinami repeated. Kaoru nodded as she continued saying, “But at other times it can also be read as ‘glazing’. That one actually has a pretty ring to it, doesn’t it?”

Hinami’s smile widened and said “Yeah!”

“Hydrangea…Showers at Sunset….” Hinami mumbled as she scribbled the words on her notebook.

“How admirable.” Kaoru said, “You’re even taking notes.”

“I-I don’t go to school, so I write the things that I learn in here.” Hinami said.

“I see…” Kaoru said, “I have an idea, Hinami chan…. Do you want me to teach you words like this whenever you come by?”

“You really mean it?” asked Hinami excitedly.

“Yeah!” Kaoru said smiling at the little girl.

“Oneechan…. Thank you very much.” Hinami happily said.

Outside the room, Touka smiles as she silently watches the two girls bond. She had to admit… the girl Kaoru seems to have a special way of making people smile without her realizing it. She then walks away as the two girls continue with the reading lessons.


Meanwhile, in a dark alley in another part of the city, two ghouls were in deep conversation, one looked injured.

“Eh?!? Box carriers in the 20th ward?” The injured Ghoul exclaimed in disbelief.

“Yeah,” answered his companion, “it’s not your lucky day huh?”

“Yeah.” Said the injured Ghoul, nursing his wounded arm, “You can’t call the 20th ward safe anymore. Damn it hurts.”

“That Gourmet guy has been on a tear lately,” added his friend, “So I bet he attracted them.”

The injured Ghoul then noticed the bandage on his friend’s face and neck, “Did a dove to that to you?”

“No this is from something else.” His friend replied.

“Gah, it hurts!” The injured Ghoul cried out holding unto his injured arm.

“Shut up, will you!” said his friend in an annoyed tone. “You should have Dr. Fueguchi have a look at you.”

The Ghoul watched in horror as his friend was suddenly slashed into half by an unseen weapon. Emerging from the shadows was two men in white coats carrying suitcases, one young and one old. The old man smiled in a twisted manner saying, “You need to use scum in order to catch scum, right?” “Yes.” Replied the young man.

The Ghoul, soaked in his friends blood, stood frozen in terror as he realized who they were, “It can’t be…”

The old man smile widened in anticipation as he said, “Now then, I wonder… what kind of scum will this scum get us?”


On the streets of the 20th ward a young man is walking down the streets humming happily.

In Anteiku, Kaoru and the others are busy preparing the shop for their customers. The bell attached to the door jingled as Hinami and her mother Reiko entered.

“Good Morning, Everyone!” said Hinami cheerfully before bowing. Reiko also gave a courteous bow, Hinami skipped in front of Kaoru with a smile and greeted, “Good Morning, Kaoru Oneechan!”

“Good morning, Hinami-chan!” Kaoru cheerfully greeted back. Touka smiled as she watched the two, feeling very grateful to Kaoru.

The mother and daughter then entered the Staff room, Koma then gave the thumbs up to both girls.

Touka smiled before looking at Kaoru sternly saying, “What are you so gaga about, dummy? Get back to work.”

“Oh… Um… yes!” said a startled Kaoru as she went back to wiping the table.

Suddenly the bell jingled again, all the staff turning to greet the new arrived customer.

“Welcome!” greeted Kaoru. Suddenly all the staff (excluding Kaoru’s face) changed to shock as they saw who it was.

Kaoru’s eyes widened as she stared at the young man who just entered the coffee shop.

He spread out his arms as he inhaled deeply. He then exhaled as he said in a silky tone, “What a fine aroma.” He caressed his nose for a bit before opening his eyes and looking at the staff, “I really do feel more….relaxed here.”

“It’s that guy…” Kaoru thought, “the one I met before my date with Riku.”

“Tsukiyama!” growled Touka.

The man known as Tsukiyama continued to take a whiff around the place before greeting Touka in a friendly manner, “It’s been a while, Kirishima.”

Touka scowled before continuing wiping the counter as she said, “What do you want?”

“Friendly as always, I see.” Tsukiyama chuckled not at least bothered by the cold response. “Though I suppose it’s a charming point of yours.”

“You’re sickening, you pig!” Touka spat out.

Kaoru looked at her co-worker and wondered why she was being rude to the man.

Tsukiyama merely smiled before he noticed Kaoru. “Well, Well, Well!” He exclaimed, “I would never have thought to see you again my little Bella.”

“Oh… Um hello again.” Greeted Kaoru, as Tsukiyama approached her and leaned a bit to her face. “What a surprise to see you here.... are you a new worker here at Anteiku?”

“Um… yes…” Kaoru replied looking a bit nervous. Tsukiyama smiled as he said, “You know the last time we met, you left in such a hurry, I never got to know what your name is, Mademoiselle?”

Kaoru couldn’t help but blush at the closeness of the handsome man’s face, she looked down as she stuttered… “M-my name is Kaoru Kaneki.”

Kaoru’s heart beat even faster as Tsukiyama leaned even closer and took a whiff from her neck.

“Her scent…. It changed… it has even become more exquisite!” thought Tsukiyama.

Touka then moved in between Tsukiyama and Kaoru, she glared at the blue-haired man angrily as she said, “Hey you! You’re being a nuisance, not to mention gross. Take a hike already!”

Tsukiyama chuckled saying, “A bit harsh, aren’t we?” He gently pushed Touka aside and took Kaoru’s hand. “I’ll be back some other time for a cup of coffee. Yoshimura should be here the next time I’m around.” “Um… Okay…” stuttered a blushing Kaoru still unsure what to do at that moment. He smiled before giving a small peck on the back of Kaoru’s hand, causing the eye-patch girl’s blush to intensify. Touka was ready to roadhouse kick the man when Tsukiyama quickly stepped back and turned to take his leave.

“Charmed to meet you, “He stopped by the door as he said, “Farewell Bella Kaoru…. Until we meet again.”

Kaoru sighed and tried to calm her beating heart as well as trying to cool her flushing cheeks.


Kaoru looked up at Touka who had an irritated look on her face, “Since when did you become cozy with Tsukiyama?”

“N-N-N-No… it’s not like that!” cried Kaoru shaking her head as she continued, “I only met him once… we bumped into each other by chance but that’s all!”

Touka glared at Kaoru before giving another sigh and said, “Honestly… you really have a knack of attracting creepy guys….” She then looked Kaoru seriously as she said, “Listen to me Kaoru… be careful around that guy… he’s the scourge of the 20th ward.”

Kaoru nodded silently before staring at the hand where Tsukiyama kissed.


“And here we have a national specialty, the eye of virgins.”


In the elegant restaurant with only numerous candle lights brightening up the place, Tsukiyama savors a slice of the elegant dish that was served to him.

The blue-haired man gazes at the candles flames as he reminisce the young eye-patched teen.

“Kaoru Kaneki…. How utterly captivating ….” Tsukiyama whispered, “that scent of hers.”
TOKYO GHOUL R Chapter 03

Salutations to all! Sorry for the late update… have been extremely busy with work so I haven’t had time to draw or write, but just finished my project yesterday so now I can focus on both my comic and fan fiction. I have posted the latest chapter of my HOOZUKI NO REITETSU fan fiction and now I am posting this new one.

First of I want to express my pure happiness to learn that the manga has a sequel called TOKYO GHOUL:RE also I got to see the teaser of their 2nd season anime from youtube. :iconlalalaplz:

Second I decided to move a bit forward in this chapter… basically this will be a compilation of episode 1-3 because I really want to do the chapter where Kaoru and Tsukiyama meet again…  So sorry if this chapter looks rushed. 

Third I want to say thanks to all of you who added this story to their list of faves as well as your lovely reviews. I hope that you will continue to enjoy my story and the story of Kaoru Kaneki. :iconloveloveplz:



The Afterlife Tales of Rei Mikage

(A HOZUKI NO REITETSU Fanfiction by Lady Storykeeper)




“Would you like another cup of tea Rei-chan?” asked Horse-Head

“Sure thanks.” Replied Rei lifting up her empty cup as the Horse Guardian poured her a refill.

Rei has been invited by Ox-Head and Horse-Head for some tea and snack. The two Gate Guardians of Jigoku were very excited to spend some time and to get more acquainted with the young Human.

“This tea is very good Ms. Horse-Head.” Said Rei happily, as she reached out and took a piece of mocha snack.

“Well thank you, sugar!” said Horse-Head, “Ichi-San’s teashop sells the best tea here in the afterlife.”

“Then I should stop by there and get some also.” Rei said cheerfully. “Thank you again for inviting me.”

“Oh we are just so glad that we got this chance for us to get to know each other better.” Squeeled Horse-Head delightfully. She looked around and said in a concerned tone, “Although, I wonder where Ox-Head is? She was supposed to get the cream and sugar a while ago… what’s taking her so long?”

Rei stood up from her chair and walked closer to the giant Horse, “Why don’t we go look for her then.” She said. Horse head nodded and both girls went off to find their Bovine friend.


“Seriously I just can’t stand being around that guy.”

Momotaro, Shiro and Ox-Head watched awkwardly as the Demon Lord Hozuki and the Divine Beast Hakutaku are busy pinching each other’s cheek.

“They’re totally in sync.” Said Shiro.

“Yeah.” Momotaro agreed nodding his head.

“Well I suppouse boys will be boys.” Stated Ox-Head.


All five turn around to see a giant horsewoman trotting towards them at great speed. Taking one last step she gave a loud neigh before crying out, “SO THIS IS WHERE YOU’VE BEEN!” She then approached Ox-head and handed her a spear.

“Oh, I’m so sorry! I got sidetracked along the way!” Ox-head apologized to Horse-head, who giggled and said, “Oh, silly silly Ox-head… have you forgotten we have a guest today?”

“Ah… this by the way is Horse-head.” Said Hozuki to Shiro.

“Ox-head? Horse-head?” asked Shiro. Both giants turned to looked down at the white fluffy dog.

“That’s right.” Said Horse-head, “we’re….”

“The guardians of Jigoku’s gates.” Ox-head said finishing Horse-heads sentence.

Then both Female giants did a synchronized twirl while chanting their names, and ending their dance with a wink and an elegant pose. Out of nowhere a shower of rose petals burst out on top of them. Shiro watched in awe as he cried out, “WOW! THEY’VE GOT THAT ROUTINE DOWN! JUST LIKE GURI AND GURA! (A.N. I just found out that Guri and Gura are characters from a Japanese childrens book.)

“Well we’ve been guarding the gate for millennia.” Said Horse-head cheerfuly, “We’ve even won a few synchronized swimming championships! RIIIIGHT!” Both of them squealed the last part and held each other’s hooves.

“And we tell each other everything about our crushes.” Continued Horse-head cheerfully, they again held each others hooves as they squealed cheerfully, “ RIIIGHT!”

“Lord Hakutaku has my love!” said Ox-head dreamily her mouth already salivating and her cheeks blushing.

“Oh, and you were all over Minotaur before. You little traitor!” teased Horse-head as she winked.

“RIIIIGHT!?” both Giants squealed again.

“You should be herbivores, but you both seem a bit carnivorous.” Muttered Momotaro.

“By the way…” Hozuki said, “you mentioned about having a guest?” Both Guardians looked at each other in alarm.

“Oh dear!” cried Ox-head. “She must be walking around in circles looking for us!” cried Horse-head.

“She?” asked Hakutaku.

“Oh! There you both are!”

All turned and saw Rei approaching them, looking a bit relieved.

“AH! REI-CHAN!” Hakutaku cried out happily! He was about run towards her when Hozuki elbowed the divined beast’s face sending him flying backwards and crashing on the floor. After a few seconds Hakutaku was up again and his reddish and blood nosed face a few inches near Hoozuki’s poker face as he yelled, “WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO THAT FOR YOU SADISTIC BASTARD?!?”

Hozuki merely ignored him and walked straight to Rei who was just speechless at what she just witnessed. “Rei… so you are visiting Ox-head and Horse-head today?” he asked ignoring the angry shouts of Hakutaku. Rei snapped out of her stupor as she replied, “Oh yes… since it was my day off today I decided to come and have tea and snack with them.”

“That’s right… and we had a wonderful girl talk with her.” Chimed Horse-head.

“Girl talk?” asked Shiro.

“We talked about our hobbies, our likes and dislikes and most especially….” Ox-head said teasingly.

“Most especially?” asked both Shiro and Momotaro… tilted their heads a bit.

“OUR PERSONAL LOVE EXPERIENCE!!!” announced both Guardians doing a synchronized pose. Another burst of rose petals showered out.

“Love experience?” asked Hozuki looking at Rei who’s face is bright red in disbelief and embarrassment.

“N-No it’s not like that Lord Hozuki!!!” cried a blushing Rei shaking her hands furiously. “They just asked me if I was in a relationship before I died and well I told them I had a boyfriend but…. Well….” She looked down and she seemed a bit sad.

Hozuki silently looked at his young co-worker. For some strange reason he didn’t like hearing that Rei had a boyfriend… what bothered him even more is that why it should concern him in any way. His thoughts was cut short when Hakutaku quickly approached Rei and held her hands as he said in a flirty manner, “Oh you poor dear. How would like come back with me to my place and I can heal your little heartache with my soothing touch.”

Rei looked at him coolly as she said in a deadpanned tone, “No thanks.”

Hakutaku smiled as he pushed on by wrapping his arm around an annoyed Rei, “Aw don’t be like that Rei-chan… You know I can’t stand seeing a pretty girl feel so down after some horrible boyfriend just go and decided to break up with her- OW! OW! OW!”

Rei pinched the hand that was wrapped around her shoulders and moved away from him while saying “First of all, the reason we are no longer together is because I am dead, Mr. Hakutaku… and furthermore… I am not in a heartbroken state so quit trying to put your moves on me because it won’t work.” She then let go of Hakutaku’s hands and the Divine beast had to blow and cradle his bruied hand. He smiled nervously as he said “Women are really scary.”

“And you’re a Divine Moron.” Hozuki stated.

“SHUT UP! WHO ASKED YOU!” yelled Hakutaku. Both continued their glaring contest. Rei, Momotaro and Shiro just sighed. “There they go again.” Said Momotaro.

Ox-head and Horse-head look on amused at the glaring pair and the Stallion Giant asked, “I’m guessing you two are best friends, right?”

“NO WAY!” said both Hozuki and Hakutaku.

“Men are never honest about their feelings.” Said Ox-head looking at her friend, Horse-head nodded as she said, “That’s true.”

“No… I think these two are DEFINATELY honest with their feelings.” Rei thought. A sweatdrop forming on her face.

While the two Guardians chatted away Hozuki muttered, “I’d like to get the hoof and be on my way.” “Oh, that’s right!” Hakutaku chimed in, “I came for a horn.” Both guardians stopped their chattering and looked at the group, Ox-head saying, “Oh is that all?”

Rei looked at her Demon superior and at the Chinese pharmacist with a puzzled look on her face, “Hoof? Horn?” she wondered.


“Come visit us again soon, my Lords!” said both Ox-Head and Hoorse-head cheerfully, waving to Hozuki and Shiro as they return to Jigoku while Hakutaku and Momotaro headed back to Togenkyo. Rei  couldn’t help but giggle as she witnessed both men sighing at the same time. “Those two may complain that they’re nothing alike… but they are more in sync than they realize.”

“Ararara…” said Ox-head looking down at Rei teasingly, “who would have thought I would see as a potential love rival, Rei-chan!”

“Eh?!? Who me with Hakutaku?” gasped Rei, she then started laughing as she said, “S-Sorry Ms. Ox-head but that would never happen! He most definitely is not my type!”

“Oh that’s a shame as well…” said Ox-head, “Having a love rival would spice things up more for me.”

“Believe me… knowing Hakutaku… you would probably have more than just one love rivals.” Rei thought smiling nervously.

Horse-head looked at Ox-head and said, “She’s right you know, Ox-head… from the way I notice… I think she’s more into Lord Hozuki!” Rei looked up at Horse-head in surprise as she blinked twice before laughing even harder, “THAT’S EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS! I MEAN COME ON LORD HOZUKI WOULD NEVER BE INTERESTED IN SOMEONE LIKE ME!” She then wiped a couple of tears from her eyes before looking up at her two Gigantic friends and smile, “so come on… lets go back and have our tea-time okay.” She then walked ahead while the two Guardians looked at each other and smiled mysteriously as they whispered, “You heard it clearly, Ox-head… she never said anything about Lord Hozuki not being her type… which means….”

“… a love story is about to brew here. Oh how delicious.” Giggled Ox-head finishing up Horse-heads sentence.

“Um… excuse me… aren’t you coming?” called out Rei to her two companions.

“COMING!” cried both Guardians in a synchronized sing song voice as they trotted towards their human friend.


It was late in the evening as Hozuki layed awake on his bed. He still recalled the events that occurred that afternoon. He really didn’t understand what was happening to him… He never seemed to have any trouble with any of his other subordinates, well not like this anyway… but with this Human girl… something inside him was stirring…. Something he didn’t understand at all.

“Rei Mikage…” he growled softly, “what the heck are you doing to me?”

He did not like this feeling of uncertainties… as he drew the bed covers on him, he silently vowed that he will find out what this feeling really is…

And then deal with it once and for all.
The Afterlife Tales of Rei Mikage Chapter 07

Greetings to all of you, faithful readers!

It’s been a long time… so sorry for the late update… been extremely busy with work…. But I must say I am happy so many are liking this fanfic. I hope you all will continue to enjoy this story. This chapter is based from the first part of Episode 5.

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The Afterlife Tales of Rei Mikage Chapter 06

(A Tokyo Ghoul Fanfiction by Lady Storykeeper)

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“So tell me Ms. Kaneki, what’s your favorite work by Takatsuki?” Riku Kamishiro asked.

“Hmm… Well I guess it would have to be his Debut-book.” Answered Kaoru, She then took another bite out of her hamburger steak.

Riku nodded in agreement, “It was a breakout hit after all.” He then looks out the window in a blissful look on his face as he continued, “The delicacy amidst all the extremeness, you might say.”

“Y-Yes, exactly!” cried Kaoru eagerly, “To have that much talent in writing, and still be in his teens when it came out-“ in her excitement she accidentally swallowed a bit of her saliva and started coughing.

“Are you all right?” asked a concerned Riku. Kaoru opened her eyes and quickly jumped and blushed as Riku’s handsome face was a few inches close to her. “I-I’m all right!” She sputtered moving a few inches back and trying to look somewhere else, “Er… what I mean to say… that is….” She then looked at the young man’s plate and said, “Mr. Kamishiro… um… you don’t eat much do you?”.

Riku’s eyes widened at Kaoru’s comments, he looked at his plate of untouched sandwich before smiling apologetically, “sorry about that… I had a meeting with some of my friends a while ago and they treated me to an early breakfast and so….”

“O-oh… I see…” mumbled Kaoru. She now felt embarrassed as she looked down at her big plate of Hamburger steak compared to Riku’s light chicken club sandwich. “Why did I order this… I mean I know I love hamburgers… but oh man… He must think that I am such a pig!” Kaoru thought looking down on her lap.

As if reading her mind Riku gently placed his hand on hers and said, “Ms. Kaoru…. You know… I prefer girls who are more honest with themselves… especially with what they like to eat.” Kaoru looked up at Riku’s kind and smiling face, her heart beating faster as her face is getting hotter. “R-really?” she whispered softly. Riku nodded as he said, “Women these days are being so conscious of their appearance, that they practically starve themselves. I for one think that true beauty of a woman is within.”

“Mr. Kamishiro…” Kaoru said softly.

Realizing his hand was on Kaoru’s, Riku quickly pulled back his hand and looked rather sheepish. He looked away as he stuttered, “Forgive me… I was being too forward…”

Shaking her head, Kaoru smiled shyly as she said, “it’s all right.”

Riku stood up as he said, “excuse me, I need to go to the restroom.” He then walked away. Kaoru slowly looked at her hand before smiling in delight as she thought, “He is so cool and very kind!”


“Thank you very much for today.” said Kaoru, bowing courteously at Riku. After the restaurant they spent the day at a bookstore and then at the park, all the while talking about books, school, things that they love to eat. At the end of the day, Kaoru almost wished that this day could go on forever.

“No… thank you… I had a really fun time.” Said Riku cheerfully.

The two looked at each other shyly before Kaoru said, “well then… goodbye.” She was about to walk away when Riku called out, “W-wait… Ms. Kaneki...” Kaoru turned around in surprise as she sees Riku looking a bit serious as he said, “the route to your house…. Isn’t that near the places where those latest Ghoul attacks occurred?”

Kaoru’s eyes widen as she just realized it, “Oh… yes I believe so…” She stammered… now feeling a bit scared she then shook her head and gave a reassuring smile to Riku, “It’s ok… I’m going to be fine… I just need to be careful that’s all.”

“I CAN’T ALLOW THAT!” Riku exclaimed. He walked closer to the young brunette as he continued, “If you will permit me… let me accompany you home.”

“N-No… you don’t need to trouble yourself!” Kaoru said quickly.

“It’s no trouble at all!” Riku said in a determined tone, “I would never forgive myself if anything would happen to you!” He then looked away in an embarrassed manner a slight blush is seen on his face as he said, “B-besides… I would like to spend a little more time with you.”

Kaoru’s heart fluttered with joy at Riku’s words… she looked down shyly and smiled. She then whispered a soft, “O-okay…”

Unbeknownst to her… Riku’s smile widen.


“And so Hi-Chan asked me, ‘Which do you like better, me or Novels!’ I didn’t know whether I should laugh or feel annoyed at him.” Kaoru said. The couple walked down the streets of Tokyo. The city adorned with colorful and bright lights, all the while they were sharing stories and laughing.

“He sounds like a funny person.” Laughed Riku, “You two seemed pretty close. To tell you the truth, I was afraid that you and he might be…”

“Oh no, no.” said Kaoru reassuringly, “Hi-Chan and I are just good friends. Actually, he is more like a brother to me.”

“So tell me… was there something that served to turn you on to books?” asked Riku as they passed the alley.

“Well…” Kaoru began, “my dad left us a lot of books in our house.”

“Ah…” said Riku.

Kaoru suddenly looked a bit sad as she said, “He died before I can even remember. I liked the books that he left, and while my mom was out working, I spent that time reading them. Then ever since my mom died….”

Riku looked at Kaoru in concern as he said, “Oh… I apologize… I didn’t mean to bring up some sad memories.”

Kaoru shook her head and smiled as she said, “Its fine… it’s just… Hi-chan was the only one who I ever told about this.”

“Oh… I see…” Riku said softly. As they were about to turn to the next lane, Riku said, “Ah… wait Ms. Kaneki.”

“Yes?” asked Kaoru. Riku points to another alley, it was dark as there seemed to be very few streetlamps.

“This way is actually a faster route.” He said.

“R-really?” asked Kaoru. Riku nodded as he said, “I use to take this route a lot whenever I am running late for a meeting. Plus it will get you home faster.”

“W-well…” Kaoru said slowly, she always took the normal route … this  was actually the first time she had heard of a shortcut, her eyes slowly trailing from her usual street to the dark alley. A part of her was screaming for her to just stick to her route.

“But…” Riku began as he sees the uncertainties on the young girl’s face, “if you feel more comfortable with your route then let’s go… it’s just that it would be faster and safer for us in this other route and well….”

Kaoru could help but feel ashamed for doubting Riku’s intentions. She’s just being too paranoid. She needed to stop being such a coward and for once take a leap of faith. She looked up and said, “I-If you think that that route is much faster… then I don’t see the harm in going.”

While walking down the dark route, another couple was walking past them heading towards a different direction. The girl stopped and looked at Kaoru and Riku as they disappeared into the darkness. A small frown is shown on her face. Her companion stopped and looked at his friend and asked, “Touka-chan, is something wrong?”

Touka Kirishima continued to be silent before shaking her head and walked towards her Best Friend Yoichi Kosaka as she said in a non-chalant voice “mm-mm… nothing really.


“We’re near your place soon.” Said Riku.

Kaoru nodded… today was truly such a wonderful day… she really hoped that they could do this again. Suddenly a noise rang out and Kaoru gave a small frightful cry as Riku in an instant wrapped his arms around the girl in a protective manner. Kaoru soon heard a small meow and peeked out to see a black cat and a fallen trash can. It was a bit strange as the cat gave a small hiss before leaping away.

“It’s all right, Ms. Kaneki.” Reassured Riku looking down at the girl. “It was just a cat.”

“Whew… it scared me.” sighed Kaoru in relief. She then realized she was in Riku’s arms, her heart hammering faster and faster and her cheeks burning red. She tries to move away but suddenly Riku’s hold on her tightened more. “M-Mr. Kamishiro?” She stuttered.

“Ms. Kaneki….” Riku whispered in a husky tone, lowering his face until his lips were on Kaoru’s neck as he continued, “the truth is… I have always noticed you. The way you were looking at me.”

Kaoru eyes widened, her body frozen, her stomach fluttering, as she felt Riku’s warm breath on her side of neck, his arms wrapped around her. She slowly whispered, “T-then… you mean… you too?”

“Yes…” said Riku gently, he then whispered into her ear, “I also… am interested in you.”

Kaoru’s heart leaped for joy at what Riku had just said, face brimming with happiness, but slowly, her smile changes to pure horror as she sees red mist coming out from the young man’s back. The mist forming in a crystalized tentacle and the tip a few inches from her left eye.

The next thing she felt… was very sharp teeth biting  at her left shoulder. Kaoru screamed.




“Ahh so Delicious!”

I fell on the floor, my left shoulder bleeding greatly. I look up in horror as I watched the man I fell in love with looking down on me with my blood smeared on his lips. His eyes changed, the sclera became black while the pupils became crimson red.


He then took of his jacket and glasses as he slowly approached me. My body was trembling and I reached out to cover my bleeding shoulder. He spoke, “Ms. Kaneki… there is something else that I like even more than reading. Know what it is?” He bent on one knee as he reached out and started to caress my cheek with his bloody hand. His smile and eyes growing wider as he could see me shuddering, he then cried out, “It’s pulling out all the organs of someone who isn’t running away from you!”

In an instant I slapped his hand away and started running away. His laughter growing louder as he said, “THAT EXPRESSION… IT’S FANTASTIC! Would you allow me… THRILL MYSELF EVEN MORE!!!” I turned to look behind me and screamed as I saw red tentacles bursting out from his back. I ran as fast as I could but something caught my leg and I tripped hard. I was suddenly pulled back before being lifted high. I kept screaming for help… but no one came. I was dangling upside down when I was face to face with Mr. Kamishiro who was smiling innocently as he said in a sing-song voice, “I caught you!” I was then hurled towards the wall by his tentacles. My body already in pain as I slowly stood up, I looked around to see that I was in a construction site. I start to limp away but then Mr. Kamishiro’s voice echoed out, “Oh Ms. Kanekiiii…”

I screamed more in pain as I was impaled by his tentacles, I could feel them crushing my guts, and soon I was coughing out blood. All the while the monster was looking at me in great delight as he said, “I’m going to gently scramble up your insides for you, okay?”

I couldn’t take it anymore… I felt my body going rigid…. I could still hear him talking but my mind was already somewhere else….

Mom… Dad… looks like I’ll be joining you soon. Hi-chan… I’m sorry….

I then lay there silently waiting and hoping for a quick death.



“Uh-Oh… did you die?” asked Riku over the fallen form of the young girl. He smiled and gave a small shrug as he said, “Too bad… I really did like you a lot. There’s just the right enough fat on you;” he smacked his lips as he continued, “you really look so nice and soft, and easy to eat.” As he was about to start his feasting, a noise is heard from up above and before he could act quickly, he was soon crushed by falling steel frames.

Kaoru slowly opened her eyes as she saw a cloud of dust at the area where her tormenter was. She soon saw a pile of steel frames that seems to have impaled and crushed on someone. She could hear a gurgling sound of someone saying “W-Why…. Y…ou….”

She looked up to the sky…. She didn’t know what just happened but she felt at peace before falling into unconsciousness.


“Her abdominal organs are ruptured!”

“We’ll begin to operate immediately!”

Where am I?

What is this place?

Oh right… I was on a date with Mr. Kamishiro….

“Prepare for the organ transplant!”

“Without the consent of the next of kin?!?”

Organ? Next of Kin?

What exactly are they talking about?

“DR. KANOU!?!”

“I will accept full responsibility!”

“Transfer his organs into her!”

It’s warm….

Is this…?

Karou’s eyes slowly opened… still in a daze, she doesn’t realize that her left has now changed completely.



“It’s strange…” mumbled Kaoru looking down at her plate. Ever since she woke up from her accident… every food she has been eating tasted horrible. One small bite from the salmon made her want to throw up. “What on earth is happening to me?” she thought.

Hearing someone entering and calling out her name, Kaoru quickly hid beneath the bedcovers. The nurse looked at the untouched tray of food and said in a very concerned voice, “Ms. Kaneki, Is this all you’re going to eat?” She then took the trays away before saying, “Oh… your friend came by again today.”

Kaoru cringed as curled up even more under her covers.

Suddenly the door slid open again as someone enters the room.

“Oh, Dr. Kanou…” said the nurse.

Dr. Kanou was an old man around in his 50’s… he looked at Kaoru kindly and asked, “How are we feeling today, Ms. Kaneki?”

Outside the hospital, Hide looked up at the window of the room where his friend was staying, he silently turned and walk away, putting on his headphones.

Kaoru, watched quietly as Dr. Kanou listened to her heartbeat using the stethoscope. He then sat down as he said, “I hear that you haven’t eaten anything since you’ve were admitted here, but there doesn’t particularly seem to be anything wrong.”

“Um…” Kaoru muttered, she was still looking away when she said in a soft voice, “… my sense of taste…. Isn’t right….”

“Sense of taste?” asked the Doctor.

Kaoru nodded as she slowly buttoned up her blouse, “It’s like… everything tastes icky.”

“That could be psychological in nature.” reassured the Doctor. “It was a pretty serious accident, after all.”

Kaoru slightly nodded but remained silent as the Doctor continued, “there’s no need to rush…Take all the time you need to heal.” He gently patted her shoulder as a sign of comfort as he stood up and said, “I’ll come by again later.” He then left.

Kaoru placed her hand at her rumbling stomach as she silently wondered if nothing really was wrong with her.
TOKYO GHOUL R Chapter 02
Hi to all… LS here… I was working on my HOOZUKI NO REITETSU fanfiction when I found out that TOKYO GHOUL is done! I mean I was surprised… I read the latest and final chapter and I was OMG!!! This was pretty unbelievable! Why?!? I mean I know it’s not because of the ratings (which usually would be the reason for a manga to end short) but come on what kind of ending is this?!? I hope with all hopes that Sui Ishida is making a sequel of this cause I have a gut feeling a lot of TG fans are not going to be happy with this. :icononiontantrumplz:

It got me kinda depressed… so I decided to put on hold my HNR fanfic to write this second chapter… just to make me feel better…. Man I still can’t believe it…. Sorry … it’s just that I was soo happy with this manga and they just end it like that? :iconmiseryplz:

Oh by the way... Yoriko is a boy in this story. I can’t help but feel like after that incident with Riku… Kaoru may have a hard time trusting in men…. Good thing Hide is there for her… I hope Tsukiyama will do his best… as I just kinda realized that Riku and he are quite similar…. Scary isn’t it :icondignitylaughplz:

Sorry before I start I want to thank all who reviewed and added this fanfiction to their list of faves…. Hope you enjoy the latest chapter.




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