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(A NG Evangelion Rebuild Fanfiction by Lady Storykeeper)





Where do I begin…. Umm I guess it’s only proper to introduce myself first, right?

Um… hello…my name is Saya… Saya Ikari. I’m 14 years old.

*Is Saya really your name?*

Actually… that’s not my really my name… my name is actually Rei Ikari. But I was told not to be
called that anymore… that man… he said I did not need to be called that as it didn’t fit me.

*Who was the man?*

You’re asking me who I’m talking about? That man… well his name is Gendou Ikari… my father.

*Why did he do that?*

You’re wondering why? Well… I don’t really know… but I guess it’s because… my father hates me!

*How long has he hated you?*

How long has that happened… well I guess it was on the day my mom died. I don’t really remember her much I was only 3 when she passed away… I don’t even know what she looked like as Dad destroyed all the photographs and videos of her… it was as if he didn’t want me to have anything to do with her. My dad then left me with my teacher… it hurt to be abandoned by him… it was even more painful when
I was 5.

*What happened?*

He came to see me… I really hoped with all hope that he was coming to take me home… but instead he told me and my teacher that I no longer will be called “Rei”, instead I was given a new name… “Saya”. He then left me once again.

*How cruel!*

It hurts! It really hurts so much!

Why did my father hate me? What did I do wrong?

*Does he truly hate you?*

Yes! I’m certain, even though my teacher assures me that my father loves me, and that the only reason he sent me away was to protect me. I want to believe that … but I don’t know….

They say that children are often the image of their parents… do you believe so?
You know that’s funny… many say I look more like my dad than my mom… except for my eyes… they were like moms or so they say. So I guess when I look at the mirror… I sometimes see a bit of my father

*Don’t you have any good memories at all about your mother?*

No… like I said I don’t… I don’t have any…. Well… there is one thing I remember….

*What is it?*

The Sky…..

*The Sky?*

Yes…. I remember the sky…. The clear blue sky… I remember how beautiful it was…. And also… there was someone there….

*Who was it?*

Who was he? A gentle voice… a warm smile…. Eyes… they are the color of blood…. He was… he was…. Eh?!? I can’t remember anymore. It’s strange… it feels like I can only remember him through my dreams…. How strange….

*What will you do now?*

I…. I have to go to Tokyo-3.


Because… my father wants to see me.



On the surface of the moon… a young man slowly opens his red eyes as he awakens from his slumber.
He sits up and sees that he was sleeping in one of the nine coffin-like containers that are
arranged in line on the surface.  His gaze then slowly turns to a pit in front of him. The young
man blinked a few times before giving out a soft sigh and said in a silky like tone, “I already know…. If you’re waking me then the child has appeared… and we entered the summation stage right?”

A Black Monolith appears before the young man and a voice echoes out, “Correct! The Apochrapher of the Dead Sea Scrolls has been passed into the Book of Law. The time with the Covenant is close at hand!” Afterwards the Monolith disappears.

The young man then stands and gazes on towards the pits surrounded by construction equipment and scaffolds, it then reveals an unidentified giant, wearing a purple seven-eyed mask and wrapped in white bandages.

“The third one again, huh? You haven’t changed…” The young man said, he smiles and looks up towards the blue and reddish planet hovering above. The light from the moon seems to emulate an ethereal
glow on the pale young man’s naked form, his silver hair shimmering and his blood red eyes filled with a loving gaze as he whispered, “I’m looking forward to seeing you again… Saya Ikari.”

Hello to all…


I am clearly out of my mind in doing one more fan story! :iconomgwtfbbqplz:

but then I realize what the heck :iconsaiyanplz: … the reason for doing this is for both fun and for me to improve my writing skills. So I will just write and be happy. This is not work this is my pleasure time (hehehehe).

So the plot is based on the Rebuild of Evangelion series… only I will skip a lot and go straight to 3.0. I was so sad about what happened to Kaoru… he is one of my all-time favorite characters… and so I decided to do this story only the only this is… well (CLIMBS INSIDE ON FLAME PROOF EVA UNIT) it will be a FEM Shinji x Kaworu fanfiction.

No it’s not like that its Rei Ayanami is the child of Gendou and Yui Ikari or something like that…anyway it is better if I start the story with a prologue or should I say character intro.

It might not make sense or something but I hope I can make it work… it will be a bit tough as I am not as Philosophical or deep as the Author himself.

But I hope you enjoy this. All the same and please don’t flame me for actually writing this… I am just a simple fangirl and stuff.

(A Tokyo Ghoul Fanfiction by Lady Storykeeper)




“What?” asked Touka.

“Another Jam Bun today?” asked Yoichi Kosaka in a disapproving tone.

Touka merely shrugged before taking a big bite out of her lunch as she said, “Its fine. This is as good as cafeteria food gets.”

“No way! That’s not good enough!” exclaimed Yoichi leaning forward a bit. “You’re a growing girl, you know!”

“U-Umm…ok….” Mumbled Touka nervously.

“Now let’s see….” He sat down again and picks a piece of fried chicken ball from his bento lunchbox with his chopsticks. “All right here have some fried chicken… say ahh…” He said cheerfully as he
offers the meat to Touka.

“Huh? It’s fine!” said Touka.

“Oh come on Touka-chan!” said Yoichi cheerfully, “There’s no way I would let you off with just bread. Now come on open up.”

Touka looked at the piece of meat nervously before sighing out and takes a bite.

Yoichi smiles as he said, “I fiddled around a bit with the seasonings. So tell me, what do you

Touka does a hand gesture for Yoichi to lean forward. As the young boy leans closer, Touka then flicks her middle finger on Yoichi’s forehead. The young man gives out a small yelp as he soothes the aching spot on his forehead. He looked a bit annoyed at the blue haired girl in front of him as she leaned back on her chair smiling and said, “Well, it’s pretty good.”

“Aww, you’re just saying that.” Chuckled Yoichi, still rubbing his forehead. “No I mean it… you’re definitely going to be an amazing chef someday.”

“Ah ha ha ha…” Yoichi laughed looking both slightly embarrassed and proud at the same time.    


In the girls comfort room…

Touka was alone and trying her best not to puke out the food she had consumed earlier. Taking another long drink of bottled water she then tries to muster up the will not to throw up.

In frustration and pain she tosses the water bottle aside and starts punching her guts as she cried, “DON’T VOMIT! DON’T VOMIT! DON’T VOMIT! DON’T VOMIT! DON’T VOMIT! DAMN IT! DON’T VOMIT!”

Soon the queasy feeling subsides, and Touka leans back on the door of the bathroom stall breathing heavily as she mumbles, “Thanks for the food. I ate it… Yoichi.”


It was another normal day for the students of Kamii University, that is until most of the female students stopped and stare in awe and blushing like lovesick high school teens at someone who is
clearly not from their school.

“So this is Kamii University,huh? I am certain that she was also enrolled here….” said Tsukiyama Shuu while walking around the campus. He observed both the facility and the people there. He smiled and inwardly laughed a bit as he saw the lovestruck gaze that the female students were giving him.  
Suddenly his nose picked up a certain scent as he thought in surprise, “Huh? Did Kamii always have people like that here?” He then brushed it off and continued his walking. After a while he then stopped and his smile widens as he finally found what he was looking for.

Kaoru Kaneki was quietly reading her book “MONOCHROME OF RAINBOWS” at the park table area of campus. With one hand she dropped the special sugar cube that Yoshimura gave her, on a cup of hot coffee. Stirring it slowly her eyes still locked on the pages of the book. She took a sip and
sighed as she thought “The coffee here isn’t as good as the coffee of Anteiku’s.”


Kaoru looks up and is surprised to see Tsukiyama who sits on the side of the table. He smiles and greets, “Hi there!”

Kaoru smiles and says nervously, “Um… hello…err…”

“It’s Tsukiyama Shuu.” Answered the Purple haired Man. He stood up and gestured towards the other side of the table as he asked, “Is it ok if I sit down here?”

“Oh…. Ummm…. Of course.” Answered Kaoru.

Tsukiyama smiled as he sat down he then said, “Merci Beaucoup.”

Kaoru smiles shyly as she asks, “Ummm… excuse me Tsukiyama… but what brings you to Kamii University?”

Tsukiyama smiled charismatically as he leaned forward a bit. He then pulled out from his Jacket a lovely single stemmed Corepsis flower* tied in a silky purple ribbon as he said, “What if I were to say…. That I came here just to see you?”

Kaoru jumps a bit at what he said her face getting redder. She looks away unable to look at the man as she stammers, “Um… well… I don’t really know what to say…” She shyly looks again at Tsukiyama who looked amused at her reaction. She then slowly reached out and accepted the flower. She smiled nervously as she said her thanks.

“This man is the Gourmet, the scourge of the 20th ward…” Kaouru thought taking a peek at the smiling Ghoul in front of her, “Touka chan said I have to be careful around this guy. I wonder what he wants from me?”

“You seem quite the intellectual savant.” Tsukiyama commented as he looked at the book that Kaoru was reading. “Or so I’ve heard from Anteiku.”

“I wouldn’t say that.” Said Kaoru shyly as she looked at her flower, “you flatter me, really.”

“Books are wonderful, aren’t they?” said Tsukiyama, “a single sentence can whisk you away into the wildest of fantasies. I believe that by immersing yourself in a literary work, you gain a clearer view of the author’s vision. By that point, you are truly free to roam through the author’s radiant macrocosm. As soon as your soul enamors itself with those wonders within, you can let go of your real self along with the rest of reality.”

Kaoru just sat silently and was truly amazed at the words Tsukiyama said, she then asked, “Tsukiyama… you really like books, huh?”

Tsukiyama smiled even more. He gently picks up a small ladybug that was on top of Kaoru’s book. He gazed at the small bug that was now perched on his hand as he continued, “It’s only when I immersed in the world of a book that I can forget myself and everything else. A lot of fiction was what supported me during my painful and difficult times.” With a small blow the ladybug then flew away.

Kaoru’s eyes widened as a memory of her as a child reading in her father’s library room to escape the pains of loneliness triggered within her. “This man…. He is the same as me!”

“A former patron of Anteiku also told me that you’re a fan of Takatsuki’s works….” Said Tsukiyama as he points at Kaoru’s book. “…and I can see that it’s true.”

“Oh, yes!” said Kaoru looking a bit more enthusiastic now, she picks up her book as she says cheerfully, “Though ingenious at first, there’s an exhilarating profoundness to be discovered in his works. I can’t help but gravitate towards the subtlety of his writing style.”

Tsukiyama leaned forward as he said, “I, too, adore his style of writing.” He then looked away and seems to be in deep thought as he said, “I see. Takatsuki, huh?” He then smiles as he looks back again at Kaoru, “Listen, Kaoru-chan, I have this favorite place that I would love to take you to. It’s a café owned by this guy who really loves books. The smell of old books and coffee blend well together perfectly and it has a very calm atmosphere. There are also rumors that Takatsuki Sen stops by there from time to time.”

“R-Really?!? Takatsuki Sen?” cried Kaoru excitedly. She quickly realized how silly she must have acted before looking down apologetically.

Tsukiyama laughs before saying, “How about this… Let’s go together next week. We can also bring along some books that we could recommend for each other. It will be fun right?”

Kaoru looks at Tsukiyama looking a bit excited but then she remembers Touka’s warnings and the memory of her event with Riku before she looks away again as she stammers, “I-it does sound like fun… but on second thought….” “This guy… I feel like he is scheming something. He doesn’t seem like a bad person… but I can’t let myself be fooled again.”

Tsukiyama noticing Kaoru’s expression sighs as he said, “Kirishima must have said something about me.”

Kaoru looks at him in shock as she cries out, “O-Oh no! It’s not-“

Tsukiyama helds his hand up as he smiles and says, “No, it’s okay. I get it. For a long time now it’s been easy for me to be misunderstood.” He looks at Kaoru as his smile changes to that of a sad one, “Those surrounding me say I put on an air of importance and so they keep me at a distance. If I get near to the others with the intention of getting along with them they say I act overly familiar but that, on the other hand, I’m disagreeable…. And since I’m not able to participate in the ward meetings I’m out of sync.”

“Tsukiyama…” whispered Kaoru feeling empathic towards the young man, for she also knew what it was like to be alone and misunderstood.

“When Kamishiro dies… I lost the only person I could talk to.” Sighed Tsukiyama sadly. “KAMISHIRO RIKU?!?” thought a surprised Kaoru. Tsukiyama looks at her as he continued, “You may or may not have heard about him… but you reminded me of the person he once was. You see… there aren’t many ghouls who are into reading books. I mean there are a lot of quite vulgar people among them, right?”

Kaoru jumps slightly as Tsukiyama gently places his hand on hers… the young girl could feel her heart pounding faster and her cheeks slowly turning red again. But before she could protest and pull away she stops as she looks at the serious expression of the Young male ghouls face as he said, “The truth is… I only wish to find someone who’ll share a like-minded conversation with me.” He then slowly retracts his hands before standing up and walking away, “Sorry for disturbing you…. I’ll be leaving now.”

Kaoru watched silently as Tsukiyama was walking away. Ignoring the nagging feeling that is screaming at her not to trust the man, she quickly stood up and cried out, “Um… Tsukiyama wait!”
Tsukiyama stops walking but doesn’t turn around. Kaoru takes a few steps closer to him as she said,
“I-If it’s all right with you… we could…”

Tsukiyama’s smile widens in a wicked manner before turning around looking more innocent and charming as he walked near her. “I’m very happy, thanks a lot Kaoru chan. Well then, Let’s meet in front of the station 3 days from now on Sunday!”

“Oh… okay.” Said Kaoru giving a gentle smile. Tsukiyama then took Kaoru’s left hand pulling it close to his lips as he whispered, “So it’s a Date then… I’m looking forward to it, Bella Kaoru.” He then gave a small kiss (this one a bit longer than the last time) before he turned and left.
Kaoru stood frozen on the spot her cheeks flaming up, before slowly breathing out and placing her hand on her chest trying to calm her fast beating heart. “Touka-chan is right… I really do seem to attract strange men! Somehow I feel as if I got tricked again…. Maybe I made a mistake… but….” Kaoru walked back to her table and picked up the flower that Tsukiyama gave her… her face soften and smiled as her final thoughts were, “then again… maybe he’s not all that bad.”


“Oh no…. I was in such a daze that I came not realizing that the café is closed today!” Kaoru sighed looking at the locked door of Anteiku.


Kaoru turned and saw a tall, built man with silver hair and an immovable stone-like glare walking towards her. “Oh Yomo-san! Good afternoon to you!” said Kaoru as she then gave a courteous bow to the man who also gave a curt bow.

“What are you doing here?” Yomo asked.

“Oh… um well… I forgot that the shop was closed for today.” Kaoru explained, “ Yomo-san do you have some business at Anteiku?” “No… I was just passing by.” Yomo answered.

“Oh…um well…since you’re here do you mind if you could check out my kicking skills… I have been practicing it with Touka chan and I want to know if I am doing it right.” Kaoru said excitedly. For a couple of weeks now she has been training with both Touka and Yomo in martial arts under the
request of Yoshimura. It wasn’t easy at first for the petite young Kaoru… but bit by bit her skills
slowly start to improve.

“I have some business to attend to now…next time ok?” said Yomo. “O-oh… okay sorry.” Whispered Kaoru, looking a bit disappointed.

Yomo looked at the young girl for a while before saying, “Kaoru… would you like to come with me… the person I’m meeting actually asked if she could meet with you and since you’re here then…”
Kaoru blinked twice before saying, “Um… okay sure.”


“So you’re the infamous Kaoru Kaneki, are you?”

“Oh you’re such a cutie-pie! Naughty Ren-chan and Uta for keeping you all to themselves!!!”
Kaoru was getting dizzy as she was being cuddled by a red haired woman and also being spun around like a little doll.

Yomo took Kaoru to a bar called Helter Sketer which was located in the 14th ward. The moment she entered she was quickly tackled by the red-haired woman.

“Itori… put her down before she ends up getting sick.” Said Yomo.

“Oh all right!” said Itori giving a playful pout, before guiding the young girl to a barstool next to Yomo. Kaoru then looked across and was surprised to see Uta who was sitting on another barstool. The ghoul smiled and waved at her as he greeted, “Hi there Kaoru chan.”

“Oh… Uta-san, I didn’t know that you were going to be here as well.” Said Kaoru.

“Itori-chan invited me to come as soon as she found out that Renji was bringing you here. She was
really looking forward in meeting you.” Uta said.

“M-me?” asked Kaoru looking at the young woman who was smiling cheerfully at her.

“Well Ren-chan and Uta told me all sorts of things about you… so I wanted to see you for myself.” Itori said excitedly, Kaoru looked down shyly which only made the red-hair squeal in delight even more, “Ah ha ha ha! They were both right about you… you really are such a sweet and cute girl! I’m Itori the bar owner. Nice to meet you.”

“Th-the pleasure is all mine.” Said Kaoru softly looking down as if she was afraid to look at Itori in the eye.

Itori laughed as she started patting Kaoru on the shoulders as she said, “Oh relax, no need to be so formal. Loosen up Kaorucchi!” “Um… okay…” said Kaoru blushing a bit before smiling more. “KYAAAHAHA! SHE’S JUST TOO CUTE! SO PURE AND INNOCENT! THE KIND THAT WE LOST SO LONG AGO!!!” cried
Itori hugging Kaoru once more.

“I’m pure now too…” mumbled Uta who took a sip of Red liquid. Yomo just stayed silent.

“Umm….” Stuttered Kaoru, struggling to free herself from Itori’s strong hold, “H-how long have you all known each other for?”

“Well, we’ve always been a rotten bunch.” Said Itori letting go of Kaoru, “Back in the days, Ren and Uta rarely played nice with each other. In fact they turned the entire 4th ward upside down
with their crazy antics.”

“But we’re the best of friends now, am I right?” commented Uta.

“Who knows.” Muttered Yomo.

“Ren-chan was pretty much an untamed beast back then.” Said Itori shrugging and shaking her head.

“Was he that bad?” asked Kaoru.

“Yep! Kinda like the male version of a very angry Touka chan.” Said Uta in a cheerful manner.

“Spot on, right?” exclaimed Itori.

“That IS pretty terrifying!” whispered Kaoru, realizing her rude comment she quickly covered her mouth and hoped that Yomo didn’t hear her.

The stoic man didn’t look at any of them as he said, “Enough talk about me. Itori, didn’t you have something to say to her?”

“AH THAT’S RIGHT!” cried Itori excitedly. She stood up and poured a bottle of red liquid unto a wine glass and places it in front of the young girl. “Ok… drink up!”

“Um… no thank you… I’m underage!” stammered Kaoru.

Itori laughed and picked up the glass as she said, “It’s not wine, silly.” She then threw the red liquid at Kaoru’s face before taking the eye patch from her. “This is amazing!” cried Itori, “I’ve never seen a one-eyed ghoul before.”

Kaoru who was dripping wet with what is now realized to be blood, stares at Itori in disbelief her one eye already changed into that of a Ghoul.

“So sorry about that, Kaorucchi! Don’t worry, we’re all Ghouls here. Here let me help you clean up.” Itori quickly pulled out a towel and help Kaoru to wipe the red liquid from her. Afterwards she gave Kaoru a cup of hot coffee as a token of her apologies.

Kaoru said her thanks and took a sip while Itori continues to observe her. The red haired ghoul then leans back and said, “I wonder if the other one-eye is just like her too?”

“Who knows.” Said Yomo.

Kaoru quickly puts down her cup and looks at Itori in surprise, “Um… is there anyone else besides me with only one, uh…” she then looked away. “Oh, did that pique your interest?” asked Itori in a teasing tone. “Y-yes…” answered Kaoru.

“All right.” Itori began, “You see Kaorucchi, when a Human and a Ghoul love each other very much, what do you think happens when they get busy?”

“A Human and a Ghoul’s baby?” Kaoru replied.

Itori smiles before looking away and saying in a dazed tone, “It dies.” Kaoru’s eyes widen in surprise as Itori continues, “Biological Impotence. The chances of getting pregnant itself is pretty low to begin with. But in extremely rare cases, one is born. A half-ghoul and a half-human baby.”

“A half-ghoul and a half-human baby….” Repeated Kaoru softly.

“The abilities of a hybrid ghoul are far superior than those of a pure one. And this baby….only had the red eye on one side.” Itori explained. “Then again…these stories are just urban myths.”

“A one-eyed ghoul…” Kaoru thought. She then looked at Itori and said, “Um… Itori-san…” “Hmm… is there anything else you want to ask me?” Itori asked. Kaoru looks at Itori straight in the eyes and asks, “About Riku… do you know anything about Kamishiro Riku?”

Yomo looks at Kaoru from corner of his eye. Itori on the other hand drapes and arm around Kaoru’s shoulders and teasingly says, “Ooh… and why exactly are you asking? He was pretty popular with the ladies.”

Kaoru looked down at her coffee as she said, “This whole mess with my body began when I got involved with him.” Itori nodded as she removed her arm from Kaoru who still says, “and yet I know next to nothing about him….” the young one-eye ghoul just stares silently at her reflection in the coffee cup.

“So that’s how it is… Riku, eh?” Itori said, “well he was a troublemaker, and his death was shrouded in mystery. Indeed, his so-called death has spawned nothing but rumors over this last few months.”

“SO-CALLED DEATH?!?” cried Kaoru looking at Itori in shock, “But the accident…”

Itori looks back at Kaoru with a rather mischievous look on her face as she said, “Think about it. Was it really just your regular, old accident, Kaneki Kaoru-chan?”

“Itori…” Yomo said in a warning tone.

“You see, I’ve heard someone was standing on top of the building when the accident took place on that fateful day.”

“S-so… you’re saying… that it wasn’t just a coincidence?” said Kaoru in horror.

“Somebody actually killed, Riku-san…. Or something like that.” Said Itori.

“ITORI!” said Yomo.

Itori waves it off as she said, “I’m just saying…”

Kaoru looked at Yomo in disbelief, “Riku…. He was killed…the manager… did he knew?”

Yomo looked at Itori in irritation he then looks at Kaoru as he replied, “Yoshimura kept quiet about it…so that you wouldn’t get caught up in any confusion.”

Kaoru looked at her coffee, she covered her mouth in horror and her eyes burning as she tried her best not to cry. “So then… I was the ‘BAIT’ in the plan to kill Riku! So I was made into a ghoul because I was dragged there by chance?!”

“Who… who would do such a horrible thing?” whispered Kaoru bitterly.

“Actually… I may have a rough idea about it.” Said Itori. Kaoru quickly looked at the red-haired woman and cried, “THEN WHO? WHO WOULD DO THAT?” Itori smiles at the young girl as she picked up another wine bottle and poured herself a glass of red liquid. “Sorry dearie, but I can’t tell you anymore than this. I have collected a lot of information, regardless of whether it’s about humans or ghouls. But that doesn’t mean I won’t tell you…”

Kaoru looked at Itori and asks, “So… what do I need to do for you to tell me?”

Itori takes a sip of her glass before looking at Kaoru again her face now serious, “tell me… what would you do if I did give you that information? Will you go take your revenge?”

“No… I could never do that.” Kaoru said, “it’s just that…”

“You need to know, right?” affirmed Itori. “Just for yourself.” Kaoru nodded.

“All right then, let’s make a trade.”

“A trade?” asked Kaoru.

“Yup…There’s an information that I want.” Itori said her mischievous smile returning, “I’ve been hearing that you’ve been followed around by Gourmet-kun recently.” Kaoru looked down and a slight blush is seen on her face, her eyes soon looked at the Corepsis flower that was on top of her school bag.

Itori giggled at Kaoru’s shy act and leans forward to whisper, “So what I want for you to do… is to search around for informations about the ‘GHOUL RESTAURANT’ from Gourmet.”


Kaoru looked at her watch and saw that she was a bit early. She looked around the station for any signs of Tsukiyama. She was feeling rather nervous and also a bit feeling bad for doing this to Tsukiyama.

“It feels so wrong, it is like I am just using Tsukiyama for my own selfish gain. But… I really need to know about Riku and the incident. So if this is the only way….”

Kaoru turned around and saw Tsukiyama approaching her smiling and waving at her. She couldn’t help but smile also wave back at him.

“Did I arrive late?” asked Tsukiyama. “Oh no… I just came a bit earlier that expected.” Reassured Kaoru. “Well that’s good to hear.” Sighed a reliefed Tsukiyama, Kaoru giggled. Tsukiyama smiled before offering his hand to her and said in a gallant tone, “shall we, Mademoiselle?”

Kaoru blinked at first before smiling gently and said, “Y-yes.”


“Two iced coffees please.” Said Tsukiyama to the waitress. After taking their order she then bowed before going to the kitchen.

Tsukiyama turned to start another conversation with Kaoru but stopped and stared at the young girl who was gazing at all the books that were on the shelves and the glass drawers of different types of coffee beans with a serene smile etched on her face. Tsukiyama smiled and thought at how cute Kaoru looked. The waitress returned with their orders.

“So Kaoru-chan… how is it? It’s a perfect place for reading right?” asked Tsukiyama. “Yes… it really has a nice atmosphere. I’m really happy that you showed me this place, Tsukiyama. Thank you.” Kaoru said cheerfully. “I’m happy that you are enjoying yourself.” Replied Tsukiyama he looks around as he continues, “though it seems that we will be unable to see Takatsuki today. Such a shame.”

“It’s all right…”said Kaoru, “I am still just happy being here.”

“With me?” Tsukiyama teased.

Kaoru quickly blushed and looked away as she stutters, “Eh?!? O-Of course… I mean… being with Tsukiyama is great… b-but I don’t want you to get the wrong idea… what I mean is….”

Tsukiyama gave a lighthearted laugh as he said, “Relax Kaoru-chan, I was just teasing… you’re really cute you know that. I bet a lot of men have thought that about you.”

Kaoru looked down as she said in a nervous smile, “N-no… not really…”

Tsukiyama looks surprise, “Now that’s impossible… a lovely bella like yourself… I was certain a lot of men have pursued after you.”

“Not really… guys don’t really go for girls like me…” Kaoru said giving a sad smile, “you know a plain jane bookworm.”

Tsukiyama frowned as he said, “Why do you put yourself down so much… you are a lovely young flower with a wonderful passion for books. If other men don’t see that then they are ignorant swines!”

“Oh… please don’t say that…it’s not entirely their fault. I have also myself to blame… you see… I prefer a guy who is nice and shares the same passion in books like me. I rarely go out with guys and the ones who ask me out well I turn them down… truth is the only other real date I ever had was with…” She quickly stopped as Riku Kamishiro’s ghoul face came to mind. She didn’t even realize that she was slightly quivering in fear, her hands clenching on her white skirt and a sweat falling on the side of her face.

“Kaoru-chan… are you all right?” asked a concerned Tsukiyama.  Kaoru snapped out of her trance and quickly apologized. She then realized to use this opportunity to ask, “Um… Tsukiyama…”

“Yes… what is it?” asked the purple haired man. Kaoru gulped as she asked, “would you… please tell me what kind of things did you and Riku talked about?”

“Oh, Kamishiro?” said Tsukiyama thoughtfully. He leaned forward his chin resting on his folded
hands as he said, “We conversed about things such as literature… and of course, we also discussed fine dining.”


“Tsukiyama… I appreciate the thought, but I have no interest in joining your exclusive gourmet club.”

“BUT WHY NOT?” cried Tsukiyama, “Are you not in pursuit of the finest tastes…. Or even greater heights?!”

“Well, don’t you see?” said Riku Kamishiro, “Anything you manage to serve me just won’t be enough! Of course, the exquisite flavor sampled whilst eating is an immense pleasure. But you know….isn’t it weird for a Ghoul who thinks so highly of himself by simply claiming he has ‘taste’?” He leaned forward his face smirking as he said in a mocking tone, “I find your cute little human pretense quite absurd, don’t you Tsukiyama?”

Riku’s laughter echoing out.


“That contemptious bastard!” thought the enranged Tsukiyama as he remembered that incident, “An unrefined swine like him dares to make a mockery of my dining!”

Kaoru gasped as she saw Tsukiyama’s glass shatter due to his strong grip. “T-Tsukiyama?” she cried reaching out to check the man’s hand but her fingers accidentally gets cut from one of the shards of the broken glass. “Ow!” cried Kaoru. Her cry somehow broke Tsukiyama out of his raged moment and realized quickly what has happened, “Goodness! How could I have allowed that to happen? I’m terribly sorry!” Tsukiyama said.

He quickly took out a white handkerchief to cover the wound but the cut was big as blood is seen marring the white cloth. “N-No it’s all right. It’s just a small cut.” Said Kaoru. Had the young girl not been preoccupied with her wound she would have then noticed a strange look that crossed the Young man’s face.

“L-Let me make it up to you Kaoru-chan.” Tsukiyama said in a hurried tone, “I know it’s not much, but there is a place around here that Kamishiro used to visit regularly. Would you like to go there together?”

“A place that Riku visited regularly?” “Could he be talking about the ‘Ghoul Restaurant’?” Kaoru leaned forward as she exclaimed, “Y-Yes! I would like that very much!”

Tsukiyama looked relieved as he said, “All right then. Now that it is settled... let’s head there right now. How is your cut doing?”

“Oh… it’s fine. The bleeding seems to have stopped.” Said Kaoru, “Sorry for getting it dirty… I’ll be sure to clean it for you late-”

“O-Oh… er… no it’s fine, Don’t worry about it!” said Tsukiyama as he quickly took the handkerchief.
“I’ll wash it myself.”


Inside the restaurant’s Comfort room, Tsukiyama turned off the faucet before he looked at the mirror and said, “That was too close for my liking… I can’t believe I lost it for a second there and startled her. Be cool. Keep it smooth, all right?” He looked down on his handkerchief that is stained with Kaoru’s blood as he remarked, “Tsukiyama Shuu…it won’t be long now…”
What was meant to be a simple whiff it soon escalated to an obsessed heavy breathing  as the ghoul known as Gourmet is now covering his entire nose with the bloodied cloth. His pupils dilated in extreme pleasure at the enrapturing aroma.

“This sweet essence…. Such tranquil harmony…. Ooooh… Finding this novel delicacy…. DELIGHTS ME MORE SO THAN THE DISCOVERY OF A NEW STAR!!!!”

“Oh, Monsieur Savarin…. You were absolutely right…” Tsukiyama thought.


Kaoru sat quietly as she waited for Tsukiyama. She looked down at her finger and saw that the cut has instantly healed. She looked at the glass shards and wondered what made Tsukiyama so angry at that time.

She sighed so many questions that she wish could find the answers to.

Deep down she couldn’t help but shake off the feeling that something bad will happen. Before she would just follow her instincts and just back down, but she now must learn to be brave… in order to learn the truth with regards to Riku’s murder she needs to get the information about the Ghoul Restaurant for Itori….

Besides… Touka and the others must be wrong about Tsukiyama…

She can trust him…

TOKYO GHOUL R Chapter 04

Greetings TOKYO GHOUL fans…. OMG just finished reading chapter 7 of TOKYO GHOUL : RE and for the sake of those who haven’t read it… I strongly suggest you read it….

Though it got me really thinking that once my fanfic reaches to the TOKYO GHOUL:RE arc… I might do a lot of AU changes on some of the characters… most likely Tsukiyama…. Also I’m still thinking how Shuu and Kaoru’s relationship be after reading the latest chapter. Oh well… maybe by then I hope I will write it in a way that would make ISHIDA SENSEI happy (If he ever gets to read this)…. So here we go.

By the way this chapter is a mix of from the anime and manga and a bit of my own. I hope you like it.

*Corepsis flower – means love at first sight (in case anyone is wondering).

Thanks again to all of you who added this story to their list of faves as well as your lovely reviews. So enjoy this new chapter.


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I have just finshed preparing my skit for GTMACCON Event and I realized how far I havent posted any comics or fanfics in my DA... I am really really sorry to all who are waiting for the latest updates and chapters :icononionbowplz:

Been really busy finishing up many projects and stuff... and you know whats weird... I am already excited for the titles I plan to launch on 2015!!!

Just need to finish what I need to finish and I will be posting new chapters of my fancomics and fanfictions as soon as I can. :iconherotimeplz:

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