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The Afterlife Tales of Rei Mikage
(A HOZUKI NO REITETSU Fanfiction by Lady Storykeeper)



"…. And that is how it is done." Rei said as she gave back some paper files to Nasubi whose eyes are sparkling with excitement.

"WOW! Thanks a lot Ms. Rei!" cried the white-haired ogre happily looking at the files. "Thanks to you I understand how this works even better now!"

Karauri nodded as he looked at Rei admiringly, "You're really incredible, Ms. Rei! You're probably equal to Lord Hoozuki in managing skills."

Rei gave a small laugh and looked away sheepishly as she said, "Aw come on…. Don't say that…. I don't think I am at the same level as that of Lord Hoozuki. He does more than I do."

"Karauri is right…. You and Lord Hoozuki are really amazing." Said Nasubi.

"Oh there you are Ms. Mikage."

All three turned to see a middle aged ogre approaching them. "Oh hello, Mr. Takada." Greeted Rei, "do you need any help in something?"

"No, No… Actually I want to give you this as a token of my appreciation for your help last time." He then placed a small box of Mochi treats on Rei's hands.

"Mr. Takada, it was my pleasure to help…. You don't have to give me anything." Said Rei.

"Oh hush…." Said Mr. Takada, "Because of your help I was able to finish on time and correct the little mistakes that I have overlooked in the reports. You are such a wonderful girl."

Rei just smiled and scratched her head in a sheepish manner as she said.

"Ms. Mikage is really awesome! I heard that her department is doing even better now that she is there." remarked one of the male torture ogre to his companion.

"Yeah…." Agreed his friend, "not only is she a great worker she is really pretty… if I wasn't married I would definitely ask her out on a date…. Sshh… don't tell Machiko about it."

Both friends laughed not knowing a group was listening nearby… and their faces are anything but pleased.


"Sigh… sure was a busy day…" whispered Rei as she sat down on the toilet in the Girl's bathroom. She then thought again of what Karauri said regarding her being equal to Lord Hoozuki…. She sighed and shook her head as she realized how silly it was. Lord Hoozuki may be sadistic at times (well it seems like all the time) but he is a brilliant and incredible Deputy Chief for King Enma…. And there is no way she could ever match up to his level.

She then sat up and reached for the handle…. But for some reason the door to the bathroom stall could not budge open…. She then heard from the other side of the door were female giggling.

"Hello?" Rei called out as she tried to push the door open, "excuse me… if there is anyone out there, can you please help… the door seems to be jammed… I can't get out."

"Maybe you can find another way… after all, isn't that what you're good at!" came a sarcastic voice, followed by another set of giggles and laughs.

Rei's eyes widen as she realized what is going on.

"Don't think you're so special just because you were chosen by Lord Hozuki! At the end of it all… you're just a stinking Human!" the same voice said, this time was filled with malice.

"Yeah… know your place, Human!" came another voice.

"Stay the heck away for Lord Hakutaku! No way would he be interested in someone as butt-ugly as you!" another voice cried out. It was then followed by murmurs of other girls agreeing.

"But he's the one who keeps on approaching me! And why the heck was he even brought up?!" thought Rei who was getting annoyed at this.

Suddenly a bucket of water was poured down from above the door stall. The girls then started to laugh and the first voice said in a haughty tone, "Let that be a lesson to you. Better think twice before going around and parading in your oh so called greatness!"

Footsteps and laughter are heard then the sound of the door opening and closing. Afterwards was silence.

Rei sighed and looked down at the puddle of water on the spot where she almost got drenched, if she hadn't quickly moved back to a corner to avoid the water attack.

She then crouched down to check if there was anyone still there before giving a gentle push and the stall door opened, she suppose they must have blocked it from the other side to prevent her from getting out.

"Geez…. I guess there would still be bullies like that…. Even here in the afterlife." Muttered Rei.


Things haven't been that good for Rei for the next couple of days…. Whenever she passed by the halls she feels as if many of the female workers were whispering bad things behind her back. Her office slippers go missing and are later found floating on the river of blood, her desk is always found messed up with graffiti and such… and even there are times all her pens and pencils are bent.

Despite of it all… Rei decided not to report this to her superiors and did her best not to let the bullies get the best of her.

But most of the other workers are beginning to notice about Rei's situation, including Karauri and Nasubi.

"Unbelievable! I thought we would all be mature adults here, but nooo…. What's their problem with Rei anyway? She didn't do anything wrong, so why is she being harassed like that?" cried Karauri angrily.

"Women can be really scary." Said Nasubi giving a slight shiver.

"Yeah… if you ask me… I think she should go report it to Lord Hoozuki!" said Karauri.

"Report to me about what?"

Both workers jumped in surprise before turning to see Hoozuki looking at them his face with its usual poker experession.

"Ah! Well you see…" stuttered Karauri, who was feeling unsure whether telling Hoozuki was a good idea or bad. Nasubi innocently replied, "About Ms. Rei being bullied by her female co-workers!"

"IDIOT! WHY ARE YOU TELLING HIM JUST LIKE THAT?!" cried Karauri looking at his white haired co-worker in disbelief.

Despite his calm appearance, a flash of surprise could be seen in his eyes, he then looks at Karauri and says, "Karauri… explain to me what has been happening." The small black haired ogre looked a bit embarrassed as he began telling Hozuki everything.


Rei walked down the hallways sighing deeply. Today was really a bad day for her, someone locked her room with the key inside and she had to go to several places before she could find a spare key to her office. With the time used in finding the key she had to skip lunch just to finish all the paperwork.

"Oh man… those girls are really pushing me…" Rei mumbled irritably.

She suddenly stops as someone firmly holds on to her wrist, causing her to turn around. Her eyes widen in surprise as she gaze directly at her Dark Haired Superior.

"Oh, Lord Hozuki… what can I do for you?" Rei asked.

"Why didn't you report what has been happening to you?" Hozuki asked in a stern manner.

"Eh?" Rei blinked twice before realizing what he was talking about. "O-oh… ehehehe you mean the bullying?" she asked grinning sheepishly while scratching the back of her head.

"Yes the bullying!" Hozuki said. Even though his face looked calm, his eyes tell a different story. "You should have reported it right away! Why did you keep quiet about it?"

"Because I believe that it was a situation that I need to handle myself!" Rei replied.

Hoozuki raised an eyebrow as he asked, "What do you mean?"

Rei sighed as she continued, "Well what those girls are doing right now are just childish vendettas… like the kind you read in High School Shojou Manga!"

"Ah…. You mean like the works of Su*** Miuchi?" said Hoozuki

"Exactly!" exclaimed Rei "Wow! Who knew that he reads shojou manga!"

"Right now... all they are doing are rather cliché acts… it's easy to just avoid it rather than dwelling on it and causing even more trouble for me." Rei continued.

"Are you really sure you can handle this, Rei?" Hoozuki asked… although part of him wondered why he was putting so much concern over Rei's safety.

Looking at her superior with determined eyes she replied, "As long as it doesn't cause any problems with my work… I can handle it!"

Hoozuki sighed before saying, "Very well… I will let you do it your way. However… should the situation escalate, I will step in whether you want to or not."

"All right, Lord Hoozuki." Said Rei, as she smiled warmly. Again Hoozuki felt the strange feeling as he looked at the cheerful face of the human girl. "What is this feeling?" He thought angrily. He then gave a curt nod to Rei and walked away. He never felt confused in all of his life… he needed to know what it was that is causing him to act and feel this way… Oh how he wished to bash someone right now with his iron club just to let it out of his system.

Maybe he can pay a visit to a certain Celestial Beast before heading to his business trip.


"Oh… so Lord Hozuki is at Egypt right now?" asked Rei, before taking a bite at her tempura.

"That's right." Replied Oko… she is the chief assistant of Shugo Jigoku. A few weeks ago Oko introduced herself to Rei and the two instantly became good friends. Rei admires Oko greatly as not only is she an amazing worker but she is also Kind and very beautiful. Right now the two are having lunch together in the office cafeteria.

"Wow… It must be swell travelling from different places. Man I wish I can do that…um well, I know I'm already dead and all but maybe I can get a chance to travel as well." Rei said.

"Of course you can travel." Oko said, like Rei, the pale bluenette ogress admired Rei for her cheerful and hardworking attitude. "You can always use your vacation leave anytime you want."

"Yeah… I can use that…" Rei said cheerfully, "Of course not right now… but someday I'll go travel, maybe to China or even in Europe… I always wanted to go there!"

Oko smiled as Rei cheerfully continued to talk about her plans. Suddenly Nasubi and Karauri rushed towards them in a panic screaming, "Ms. Rei! Ms. Rei!"

Both girl looked at the two tormentor ogres in surprise. Rei then asks, "What's wrong guys?"

Karauri, after catching his breath, says, "S-somebody went inside your office and then they…"

Rei's eyes widen in shock at what Karauri said next.



Rei looked down in dismay and anger as all the report files that she worked on since this morning are now floating on the streams of the Sanzu River. Nasubi and Karauri help by trying to pick up all of the files. Rei was about to go help them when she heard some whispers from a distant.

"H-hey Akane… don't you think we went too far?"

"Quit worrying about it! Besides… she needs to learn her place. Acting all superior and all! Just because she just ended up here by mistake. Now she thinks she's all that!"

As Rei walked closer she saw a group of young ogress. The one called Akane was an ogress with long blond hair and wearing a blue yukata with a crane design. From her appearance and attitude she was definitely the leader of the group.

"I mean what was Lord Hozuki thinking hiring someone like her?" Akane said. The other girls laughed in agreement.

" Yeah… she's not as pretty as Lady Oko. And yet she even dares to hang out with her! Maybe Lady Oko's taste in company is not that great!" another ogress chimed in.

Having had heard enough Rei marched forward as she said in a calm but firm voice. "Maybe the reason I was hired was because I worked really hard and I don't waste my precious time on petty pranks!"

The group of girls jumped in surprise as they saw Rei approaching them.

"Ooh… look who it is. What do you want?" Akane asked in a sarcastic tone, the girls behind her start to smirk and giggle.

Rei looks at all of them sternly as she said, "I know that you girls are the ones behind all those pranks… and I want you to stop it now!"

Akane and the rest of the girls looked at Rei before bursting into laughter, Akane sneers at Rei as she says, "So what if we are the ones who did it… are you going to report us… you got no proof! No one will ever believe a lowly human like you."

Rei looked at Akane before quietly laughing as she says, "How pitiful!"

Akane's face changes to a look of bewilder, "huh?"

Rei looks at all of them as she continues, "You know… if you girls have a problem with me, why don't you just say it to my face! Instead of sneaking around and acting like jealous little children, who should have focused on improving their work skills instead of trying to belittle others."

Akane in an enraged manner was about to slap Rei when all of a sudden someone screamed. All girls turned to see a massive Fish like Man approaching them.

"HELLOOOOOOO PRETTY LADIES!" The Fish Giant greeted the group. Rei looked and saw all the Ogress cringed in terror.

"O-Oh no! It's Prince Ryuzaku!" one of them cried.

"Prince Ryuzaku?" asked Rei. Nasubi and Karauri came quickly but like the girls the two both tremble in fear as they saw the Massive Fish prince. Karauri whispers to Rei, "That guy is the great grandson of the King Ryujin, the Great Dragon of the sea!"

"Eh?! Really?!" Rei blinked and looked again at the Prince who resembled more of a codfish than a Dragon. Even though, he was wearing elegant clothes that indicated his princely status.

"That creep always comes here to harass all of our female workers whenever Lord Hozuki is not around!" Karauri said. They now see all the girls trying to run away from the Lust eyed Prince who was chasing them.

"Why doesn't anyone report him?" Rei asked.

"Well we did before, but the guy keeps on coming back, and also… he's a member of the Royal Family!" Karauri said sheepishly.


Suddenly Akane trips and falls down on the ground, her companions stop and scream out, "AKANE!"

"OH HO HO HO! A feisty looking one! I like that!" Chortled the Massive Prince as he loomed over her… Akane cowered in fright suddenly screams, "NOOOO! GET AWAY!"


Rei quickly rushed forward and puts herself between Akane and Prince Ryuzaki. Both looked surprised.

"Prince Ryuzaku… cease this at once! If you don't leave right now I will report you to King Enma right away!" Rei said.

The Prince blinked before sneering and crouching closer at the young girl as he said, "Oooh… another feisty girl, and you look brand new, how about you and I have some fun together eh…"

Rei gulped and was sweating nervously, but she still held her ground and did her best not to show fear.

The all of a sudden the Prince notices something, he frowns before saying, "Aah… never mind, your chest is just average… it's not worth it.!"


"Eh?" Rei blinked.

The prince then noticed another ogress from the group who had a large chest, he grinned as he said, "Oh now you looked a lot more fun. How's about we go on a date!" The female screamed and starts to run away.

"Hey!" Rei called out. The prince turns to look at the young Human.

"What do you mean I'm not worth it, because I'm average size?" Rei asked in an eeringly calm tone. "Are you judging a woman's value based on her chest size?"

"Huh? Of course I am!" The fish said in a bored tone, while explaining he picks on his nose, "For me a woman's worth depends on the size of her chest… I like big breasted women and for me they are the best. Why you can take Lady Oko for example… now that is a fine woman! Ooh I would love to get my hands on her and do all kinds of things with her…"

Karauri who was angry at what the Prince said was about to say something when a blur of white went past him.

In a blink of an eye, Rei Mikage, using an iron club that was lying nearby, Smacks the Fish prince right on the face. The massive Giant crashes down. He slowly gets up and angrily yells, "YOU BI #$! HOW DARE YOU HIT ME! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO-" He suddenly stops and gapes in horror.

Before him Rei stood holding the club on one hand, Her face looking rather calm but her eyes tell a different story, but what really frightened and shock all of them was the tremendous Raging Aura emitting from her. She swung her club and started beating the massive Fish prince.

Karauri, Nasubi, Akane and the other girls only watched in Shock as Rei continues to beat Prince Ryuzaku to a bloody pulp.

Rei then stops and looks down at the beatup Fish as she says in a stern voice, "Now listen carefully, Prince Ryuzaki. These women are my co-workers and all of them value highly not because of their chest size but because they work hard and do their best here! For you to go rating them in such a vulgar manner is unforgivable, I want you to apologize to them right now, and leave. Never come back here!"

The prince looks up at her in disbelief until Rei pounds the iron club on the ground and shouts, "APOLOGIZE! NOW!"

"Y-YES!" cried Prince Ryuzaku in panic, he jumps and quickly kneels in front of the girls as he said, "I'M SORRY! I WON'T DO IT AGAIN!"

"Ah! Lord Hozuki!" said Nasubi.

All turn to see Hoozuki standing from a distant, apparently he arrived earlier and had witnessed everything.

"AH LORD HOZUKI!" cried Prince Ryuzaku rushing towards the Black Haired Ogre, tears streaming down his puffed face cheeks, "PLEASE HELP ME! THAT LOWLY HUMAN HARMED ME! SHE SHOULD BE PUNISHE-"

Before He could come even close, the Fish Prince got smacked again on the face, this time by Hozuki himself.

"Ah…my apologies!" said Hozuki in a calm tone, "Your face was so beaten up I did not recognize you, Prince Ryuzaku!"


The Prince (who was still knocked out) was escorted by two ogre gaurds to return him to his kingdom with a letter for his Great Grandfather with a report on what the Prince has been doing.

"You do realize," Hozuki began as he looked at Rei in a stern manner, "that you assaulted a member of a Royal family!"

Rei looked down as she said, "Yes sir!" "But didn't you just also smacked him in the face?!"

"But Ms. Rei was only defending the others from-" Karauri began to say but was quickly silenced by Hozuki's glare.

Hozuki then looks at Rei and says, "I expect a full report about this on my desk tomorrow morning. Is that understood?"

"Yes Sir." Rei sighed.

"By the way…" Hozuki said, "Have you ever considered becoming a Torment Demon instead?"

"Thank, but I like where I am right now!" said Rei raising both hands up.

"Pity… you seem to have a natural gift." Replied Hozuki.

"H-He was being rude and I sort of snapped that's all!" cried Rei covering her embarrassed face with her hands.

"Ah… so you are like Karashi then… saying something Vulgar about a woman will trigger you." said Hozuki.


"How do we know if we don't try… come let's test it out on Hakutaku."



(The next day)

"Ok… what do you girls want?" Rei asked, looking at Akane and her group. Their expression looks serious. All of a sudden all of the girls bowed at Rei crying out, "WE'RE REALLY SORRY!"

"Eh?" Rei asked her eyes blinking.

"We were wrong about you!" replied Akane with a look of great remorse. "We thought you were being given special treatment for working here. We got jealous because all the guys were saying high praises about you. But you were right… we shouldn't have acted like that."

Rei smiled as she held out her hand in front of Akane, "that's ok… Let's start over, and be good friends ok."

Akane slowly smiles and grasps Rei's hand as she said, "Thank you soo much, Aneki*!"


"Eh?... I'm sorry… did you just call me… Aneki?" Rei slowly asked.

Akane smiled as she said cheeringly, "Yes, Aneki! You were so cool and strong yesterday! Now we know why Lord Hozuki, hired you! From now on, Aneki… you have our outmost admiration and Loyalty!"

Rei just gaped at all of them in shock. All of them are looking at her in total admiration.

All of them gave another bow and shout out, "Have a great day, Aneki!" With that they walked away. Leaving a very speechless Rei.

"Impressive… you have become a gang leader in a few weeks!" said Hozuki clapping his hands.

"NOT FUNNY LORD HOZUKI!" wailed Rei as tears stream down from her eyes.


Hozuki walked down the hallways, recalling the events yesterday.

The meeting with Lord Anubis was cancelled so he returned earlier than expected. Once he arrived he learned from one of the guards about Prince Ryuzaku's arrival. Knowing perfectly well the perverse intention he rushed off to find the Prince before he harassed any of his Female surbordinates.

When he arrived on the Sanzu river he gets surprised to see Rei beating up the giant fish and sternly lecturing him about the value of the woman.

Seeing Rei beating up the moronic prince to a bloody pulp, left a deep impression on the Dark Haired Ogre.

He stopped in his tracks, his eyes widening as he finally realized something…

He's in Love!
The Afterlife Tales of Rei Mikage Chapter 08

Greetings to all of you, faithful readers! I am so sooo happy to finally see the OVA of HOOZUKI NO REITETSU… I can’t wait to see the subbed version of it.

It’s been a long time… so sorry for the late update… I am very happy as always for the many people who added my fanfics to their fave list as well as all your lovely reviews. Many Many Thanks.

This is an original plot…. Takes place before the sports day festival.

Oh in case anyone is wondering… Aneki is usually a term you say in a bike gang or yakuza.

I don’t own the Characters of Hoozuki no Reitetsu.                                            

Rei Mikage belongs to me :iconblushplz:





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