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TBOS - Cassidy Character Ref. by lady-storykeeper TBOS - Cassidy Character Ref. by lady-storykeeper
NAME: Cassidy Tryinity a.k.a Ghost

AGE: 22

SEX: Female

OCCUPATION: Bounty Hunter

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION : 5’4 in height and 130 in weight. Her eye color is Mismatched colors ( Red and Baby Blue). White hair color. Wears Long trench coat, knee high boots, white hat, Curtain shaped arm sleeves and wears a scarf that covers her mouth...all colored white. Thus giving her the name "Ghost". Her inner clothing is a black shortsleeved midriff with black shorts. with two types of belts on her waist, a chain type and a leather type. Both sides of her waists are where her twin guns are holstered.


GIFT: Key with the word “OPENING”

PERSONALITY: Smart, tough, tomboyish, and sometimes can act a bit hot-headed. Despite that she always thinks before she acts. She may act cold, but she always helps those in need. She also has a soft spot for Women (most especially mothers) and Children. She also doesn’t take any money that was stolen. She seems to love Cherry Fuzz, which is actually a Kiddie’s Drink. Most of the time she acts calm but she reacts very violently when someone mentions anything about The Man with The Cross Eye.

ABILITIES: She fights using twin pistols with which she has extreme accuracy, possesses superhuman speed, can do hand to hand combat (only when she can’t use her twin guns).

WEAPONS: Twin Guns : SIN and HOPE
When combined the guns form into another gun called DEITY.

HISTORY: Cassidy Trinity was born and raised in Butterfly Valley. She is the youngest of 3 children. Her Father was a local teacher while her mother was a local housewife.
One night when she was 10 yrs old, she snuck out of the house to watch the migration of the lunar butterflies. But when she returned she is greeted by a tragic sight. A Gunman in crimson coat, and surrounding him are the dead bodies of her parents and brothers. In rage Cassidy grabs the family shotgun that was lying nearby and starts shooting at the man. The Gunman was fast and easily evades all her shots except 1 which grazes his face. He delivers a punch on Cassidy’s stomach knocking the girl down. Seeing Cassidy’s potential as a gunwoman, leaves his gun SIN and whispers to Cassidy before she passes out : “ IF YOU WANT TO KILL ME… THEN BE THE BEST AND TRY TO FIND ME”. The last thing she sees of the Gunman was his right eye that has a cross shaped mark.
Cassidy awakes in the hospital and remembers the events that occurs and vows to find The Man with the Cross Eye and kill him with his gun. She later escapes the hospital and wanders around the desert, almost getting killed by the heat. She was rescued by a Gunman in a silver coat, who goes by the name of Saint.
Saint takes her under his wing and trains her. With determination and revenge keeping her going she then grows to be one of the best bounty hunters. She soon became also known as Ghost due to her all white garb and superhuman speed. During her training she rescues a Ferbit whom she calls Morpheus. Seeing she is fully ready, she then starts on her journey to find The Man with the Cross Eye. Before leaving Saint hands her a gun called HOPE, strangely it looks almost like the gun SIN.
On her journeys she and Morpheus meets Mr. Smiles (also known as Dr. Ripper), who got interested with her and decides to join her on her journeys. The Trio were soon targeted by the Criminal Organization of Praying Mantis City with a 100 billion bounty on their heads. Now wherever they go they are soon followed by bandits and assassin who wants to collect the bounty. Even when they do not plan to, they end up helping people who are in need.
Despite all this, Cassidy is still determined, even to the ends of the earth to find the Man with the Cross Eye and to kill him. Where will the journey lead her to… only time will tell.

Hallo Mi Poppets :D Here are my character references for My OC Cassidy

For those who are interested about the tournament here is the link :[link]

To Start Reading the Audition Pgs here is the link:

Mr. Smiles Ref :[link]
Morpheus Ref : [link]
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