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TBOS-Mr. Smiles Character Ref. by lady-storykeeper TBOS-Mr. Smiles Character Ref. by lady-storykeeper
NAME: Mister Smiles a.k.a Dr. Ripper

AGE: 25

SEX: Male

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 5’9” in height and 178 in weight. His eye color is Silvery Blue. Black hair color. Wears A Victorian style Black Trench coat, Black hat, pants and shoes,He also wears gloves. His inner clothing is a long sleeved white polo shirt and a red vest with a black tie. It is a mystery where he hides his Scalpels which he uses as a weapon. The Scalpels he uses for surgery is in his silver attaché case. Before he met Cassidy and Morpheus he carries his attaché case with him, now it is within Morpheus for safe keeping. He keeps his eyes constantly narrowed to slits, rarely ever opening his eyes (except when something big or dangerous occurs). Most often seen with a smile on his face.



GIFT: Key with the word “OPENING”

PERSONALITY: A mysterious man with the charms and sophistications of a well bred aristocrat. But also hidden within is a very dark and dangerous side. Most often people can never really tell what he really is thinking with his carefree smile and slitted eyes. He sometimes seem to have to features of a simple happy-go-lucky guy to a psychotic killer. There are some occasions where he shows a bit of sadistic side especially when he is about to inject poison or slashes someone with his scalpel. He also shows a very caring side, especially towards patients with no money for medical treatment. He also seems to like cats…he especially finds kittens absolutely adorable.

ABILITIES: Aside from his Amazing surgical skills, he also possess superhuman speed and agilities. He is also highly manipulative and deceptive. One special feature is that he has a strong immunity against all types of poison due to the fact he had been mixing poisons with his food since he was 12.

WEAPONS: His surgical tools can be used both for medicinal and weapons. Most often he uses scalpels as his choice of weapon.

HISTORY: His real name is actually Lucius Alexander Miles. He was born and raised from an High class aristocratic family.
When he was a child, he was looked after by his nanny more than his biological mother. As a result he grew more closer to her than his mother. His mother in a jealous fit sends the nanny away. Secretly Lucius visits his nanny every single night, however the family discovered about it . Enranged, the father had her arrested on the charge of kidnapping; where she was beaten, raped, and later on died. Since then Lucius has viewed the Dark side of the society he grew up in.
As he grew older he started studying medicines and became one of the top students… it was there he met Clarissa, another medical student from a low class family. The two fell in love and were soon engaged despite the disapproval of his family. However on the eve before their wedding Clarissa was abducted, the next day her body was found by the riverside, mutilated and had been raped. Lucius was devastated.
After searching for so long Lucius then found the perpatrators, but to his horror they confessed that it was his father who hired them to separate the two. Enraged Lucius kills them off by cutting them off bit by bit. A few days later his father became ill, Lucius offered to be his personal doctor. In the operating room he then killed his father by cutting him from limb to limb. He then killed his mother (who was in on the plot) and later set the mansion on fire.
Since then he goes by the name of Mr. Smiles, treating people both poor and rich. But at night he works for the criminal underground organization both as a doctor and as an assassin. Due to his method of cutting bodies apart he was soon given the name “Dr. Ripper”.
He later on left the group after he killed every single member of the organization before they were going to kill the daughter of the police chief.
He then fled and went straight to the West there he met Cassidy Trinity, impressed by her determination and skills he now accompanies her and Morpheus on her journey to find the Man with the Cross eye.
With a smile on his face, Dr Ripper still journeys with Ghost to wherever fate has in store for them.

Hallo Mi Poppets :D Kinda dark aint it XD.... Well thats Mr. Smiles for you.

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SephirothsFlamedWing Featured By Owner May 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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lady-storykeeper Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Professional Artist
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benji4benji Featured By Owner May 6, 2011
Great drawings! I can see a fun script unfolding. Cheers!!
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thanks :D
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